AJG Direct on Why Positivity is the Secret to Success

London-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, AJG Direct argue that positivity and success are closely linked, and a positive mind generates positive results.

Throughout an entrepreneur's career, there will be times where obstacles may appear thick and fast, AJG Direct understand the importance and benefits of achieving and maintaining a positive outlook. Working as mentors to local talented developing business men and women, the firm is keen to ensure they offer advice and guidance on positivity and the impact it has on a person's ability to achieve success.

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AJG Direct reveal the top two ways to overcome negative inner thoughts:

Separate fact from fiction – It is vital to stop negative thoughts as soon as they become conscious. Often negative thoughts are a knee-jerk reaction to a situation or event. It is important to identify the thoughts and differentiate between thoughts and facts.

As negative thoughts progress, often they will gather pace and start to impact a person's ability to move forward and find a solution. A good tactic to rationalise thoughts is to write down the thoughts, determining the facts. Often negative thoughts are over dramatic and can be solved through simple to implement actions. Practising this method frequently will create a more positive initial response as the brain becomes more automated in producing a positive reaction.

Identify a positive – equipped with an ability to detect and overcome negative thoughts, and it is critical to success in training the brain to focus on a positive.

In adverse conditions, it can be harder to find a positive. But with some focus and attention, a restless mind will begin to select a particular focal point subconsciously, and this will help create a greater sense of strength n ability.

To conclude the point AJG Direct are communicating with their contractors is that the mind needs a focal point to draw positive energy from. But strategies and conscious effort are required to identify when the mind is being overwhelmed by negativity. Production and progression are a by-product of mastering a positive attitude.

AJG Direct is one of the UK's most successful direct sales and event marketing firms. Through in-person communications, AJG Direct offer brands effective marketing solutions that boost sales and increase brand awareness. The company encourage positive thinking as one of the most influential factors when aiming for business success.


Source: http://www.success.com/article/how-positivity-makes-you-healthy-and-successful

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