AJG Direct Encourages a Positive Mind-set by Saying Goodbye to Mental Clutter

This week, AJG Direct reveals how a positive mind-set can help their self-employed contractors focus on what is important to them and remove any mental clutter that is stopping them from achieving their goals.

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Managing Director Paul Gillett of AJG Direct says it is time for a spring clean. Having a positive mind-set is vital in life to overcome hurdles, achieve goals and continuous success. “It is time to get rid of your non-productive emotions and hit the ground running,” says Paul Gillett. Such emotions can be anger, frustration, anxiety or regret for example. Many people seem to concentrate more on the negatives and spend too much time thinking about the things they cannot control. This stops them from focusing on the things that really matter. Instead of wasting valuable energy, Paul Gillett of AJG Direct says it is time to remove all spiritual, emotional and psychological clutter and deal with it.

Before anything, it is vital to identify what emotions stand in the way and why. MD Paul Gillett recommends: “Invest some time and listen to yourself deep inside. What is it that makes you angry? What stops you from being emotionally fulfilled? Would you be happier without thinking about this all the time?” Once the clutter is identified, it is important to write it down and categorise it. For example, these categories could be: ‘possible to make amendments’, ‘not possible to let go at the moment’, ‘possible to overcome with professional help’ or ‘likely to change my attitude about it’.

The next step to a positive, clutter free mind-set is putting an action plan in place, says AJG Direct. During coaching sessions with their self-employed contractors, Paul Gillett asks them to treat this like any other project: “Create an action plan. What are the steps you need take in order to achieve your goal, in this case to get rid of your clutter?” This can include: speaking to someone about it, not sending email responses straight away but after reading them again 30 minutes later, deciding to forgive someone etc. Once resolved, it is important to let go once and for all, to throw out mental clutter and never let it come back.

Paul Gillett of AJG Direct adds: “The message we give to our self-employed contractors is that there is no point focusing on what you cannot control. By continuously throwing out the clutter that fills our mental closet, we can take back control.” AJG Direct places a strong emphasis on having a positive mind-set as they believe this contributes greatly to success. Their strategy seems to pay off.

Based in London, AJG Direct are on their way to becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and event marketing companies. The firm specialises in delivering tailored marketing solutions for a range of clients.

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