A new service, AdminBox, helps users manage their dreaded household bills and admin

Millions of Brits say they are overwhelmed by financial worries, according to a recent study. The research revealed that more than 60% of people admitted struggling to keep their life organised with everything they have going on. According to the survey, the biggest drain on time is dealing with life and general admin such as household admin and bills.

Another survey found that the average adult dedicates three hours a week to such tasks as paying credit card bills, switching utility companies and filing tax returns. Getting an MOT on the car is the most hated chore, followed by renewing passports and sorting out home insurance. As many as 39% admitted to missing important renewal dates.

The website called, AdminBox, is a self-service site (and App) that enables users to enter details about all of their household bills and admin, including renewal dates. It will send a reminder on all of them, four weeks before, so users never miss that important renewal date. It also lets subscribers make notes on their suppliers, so they have a record of customer services conversations or complaints. Users can also upload documents securely, such as policy documents and proof of no-claims bonus.

The brainchild of AdminBox founder, Paul Chapman, said he had the idea back in 2010 after moving house several times. “Keeping up with who I was paying for what, and for how long, and when they expired was exhausting. I’ve moved a few times, and managing that process was arduous. I thought it would be a good idea to hold everything securely online. Even now I can't remember when everything is due. I've got AdminBox for that.”

AdminBox has over 20 categories, including MOT, Car Tax, Rent, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Cards, Passports, Breakdown Cover, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Council Tax, Gas, Electricity, Television, Broadband, Mobile Phone, Water, TV Licence as well as GP and Hospitals. There is a Calendar, and Address Book for family and friends, and you can share the account with a family member. Users are offered a free trial month, after which it costs just £2.99 per month.

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A new service, AdminBox, helps users manage their dreaded household bills and admin