40 Days under Covid-19 lockdown



’40 Days under Covid-19 lockdown’ - probably the first book to emerge from UK’s lockdown

40 Days under Covid-19 lockdown’ by Rita Mann, a key worker, is probably the first book to emerge out of Britain’s lockdown. From the frontline of social care as a foster carer in the UK, this diary-journal lays open the maelstrom of daily life under Covid-19 lockdown. Insightful, acerbic, playful and intimate, Rita Mann confidently gathers the vortex of political discourse in her fist and asks probing questions as to where we all go from here.

Thoroughly researched, with over 160 citations, the book presents a social commentary of a defining period in the twenty-first century that is both vivid and deeply affecting. Every aspect of the lockdown - from daily news briefings to shocking headlines and death statistics, the promises of politicians, PPE shambles, challenges in social care and the minutiae of everyday life are all candidly portrayed in an engaging style. Rita's concern for where we now find ourselves runs deep.

"Across the world, every country, every home has been forced to down tools and arguments in order to save lives. That is the most powerful common experience we have shared. That alone should make us different. We have changed. Grief and sorrow, love and joy have coalesced as we celebrate what we have now and what we might not have tomorrow.”

A book that quietly explodes with the tensions of the times.

Rita Mann is a foster carer, writer and filmmaker living in Leeds, W.Yorkshire, UK

Press Contacts: ritamann2020@gmail.com Mob: 0795 127 3845

Book Title: ’40 DAYS UNDER COVID-19 LOCKDOWN - Diary/Journal’

Author: Rita Mann

Edited by Rahila Gupta & Ellie Green

172 pages with full-colour photographs and graphs

Price: £13.99

Copies of the book are available from lulu.com from 15th June

ISBN: 978-1-71689-018-5

Review copies: please contact ritamann2020@gmail.com

Mob: 0795 127 3845


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