29-year-old woman builds a global education empire in five years

How is a 29-year-old woman, teacher and a recent Forbes 30 Under 30, going to reach the next billion learners in the world through artificial intelligence, machine learning & transformational #edtech in the next 10 years?

Having grown 1 and launched two education businesses since 24, 29-year-old Nyla Khan and recent Forbes 30 Under 30 has already managed to reach millions of learners across the world. Her businesses Mirai Partners, Kids World and Willow Tree Kids have reached rural Ghana empowering young girls’ literacy through artificial intelligence, provided learning opportunities for children with autism in Zimbabwe to bringing excellence to the most elite private schools in the world.

Revolutionizing the world of industrialists, at the age of 29 she is one of the few women globally building an education empire that is transforming the way we see education, the way the world will operate within the education sector and the way we see business as purely supplying a means to an end.

About Mirai Partners

We are MENASA’s only learning innovation solutions provider.

Founded in 2019 by reputed education experts, Mirai Partners has the vision of transforming the education sector across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia through learning technologies. Mirai Partners uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, eye tracking, e-learning & LMS solutions to deliver a comprehensive product for governments, schools and corporates to enhance the impact of their literacy and learning initiatives.

Despite challenges posed by COVID19, Mirai Partners have grown 140% in revenue for 2020, established clients 10 countries, reached >1 million students, subscribed 10,000 users for literacy with more than 150,000 users in the pipeline.

Global Footprint

We have clients in Nigeria, UAE, India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Finland, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Djibouti with multiple projects in pipeline for 2021 across Kenya, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain &

Noteworthy Clientele

We have delivered notable projects with the Lagos Ministry, Embibe - India’s second largest ed-tech company, Djibouti Ministry for Education, Ethiopia’s first Gifted and Talented School, HP IDEA Project, HP Gaming Garage & Microsoft Products Africa expansion.

Innovative Products

We have exclusive regional rights over world’s first artificial intelligence and eye tracking powered literacy assessment technology supported by three digital products ; School Improvement Coach, Literacy Coach and Digital Coach.

Market Leading Partnerships

We are both Microsoft Partners & HP Partners, with global board approval from HP to licensee their brand name for the two of their core education offerings: HP Digital Pedagogy Coach and HP Literacy Attainment

Industry Recognition Accolades

We have been recognized on both a regional and global scale with awards such as Best Edtech solutions, 2019 from the University of London as well as other notable recognitions from well-known publications.

Mirai has put in significant efforts with our government partners in Nigeria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana and the African Union over the past 6 months. We are bringing Lexplore, the world’s first artificial intelligence and eye-tracking literacy assessment to ministries regionally, rolling out to hundreds of thousands of students across Africa and the Middle East over the next two months alone. Through eye tracking and artificial intelligence, this product can tell a child’s literacy, detect possible developmental delays, including dyslexia, in under 5 minutes. This provides ministries with the power to mass test & accurately assess their populations literacy levels, plan literacy intervention (with our suite of literacy products) and plan for school & national learning improvement using our school improvement product.

Our plans with Lexplore are to bring AI to over a million students in Africa and the Middle East. We are currently working on building the Arabized version.

Earlier this year, in partnership with HP, Mirai Partners went global helping governments across MENASA and Africa strategize, prepare and roll out their remote learning plans for millions of students. We spent hours with the Ministry leaders from multiple countries – planning next steps, systems and execution for the next few years.


About Willow Tree Kids & Early Years

It’s 2020, and most urban families globally depend on the incomes of two working parents. But what if your child is below 6? Does one parent give up their job to stay at home – missing almost 4 years of professional life? Does this impact mother’s employability? With nurseries & the pandemic looming for the next year, are mothers going to have to sacrifice their careers?

These are just some of the questions that we were trying to answer, as overnight our nurseries were shut down. Within 24 hours, all of our parents had to figure out a solution despite having work the next day. This was even more stressful for our parents in the US, that were looking at year-long preschool & elementary closures.

In comes, Willow Tree Kids & Kids World Nurseries, a new nursery for a new normal. We are a Nursery for every Parent right in their home. Its is affordable, it is personalized and scalable. It follows the principles of the customer is king and one of the key philosophies for recruitment or service is compassion, love for children and thinking like a child. We are building a machine learning platform for this product that will automate personalized early years, in a way that has not been done before.







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