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5 essential marketing tools and techniques for startups

Marketing is the process by which a business promotes its services or goods in the hopes of creating interest, buzz and ultimately sales! Granted, a good product speaks for itself, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help it shout a little louder! That’s where different marketing campaigns and techniques come into play.

A marketing strategy can be as easy or hard as you make it and there really are no boundaries as to the amount of money that can be thrown at it. However, the underlying factor remains the same; its importance is axiomatic.

Freelance journalism tips & advice to progress your career

Journalism, the tasteful art of educating the masses through investigative research, analysis and fact finding – mixed with a healthy side of re-framing, quasi-journalism and powerful people!

Known to be a very competitive, cut-throat and controversial career (phone hacking, anyone!) it can, at times be very difficult career/hobby to pursue. Let’s take some time to talk about how and what makes a ‘good’ journalist.

DIY Public Relations Advice for Startups and SME

As a startup business, attracting the eyes and ears of the media can be an extremely challenging. However, it is a very rewarding experience that all entrepreneurs will go through at some stage.

If you’re planning to take the reins and command your own public relations, an educated guess would suggest that budgets are restricted and staff are thin on the ground therefore, generating buzz for your company is going to be tough. So go ahead and use our tips and tricks to help you attract the eyes and ears of the press in no time.