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The Most Overused Buzzwords In Public Relations 2013 Infographic

With journalists constantly getting bombarded with story requests, the worst thing you can do is throw away your one chance to impress due to an overuse of buzzwords.

Not to fear, mind. We have your back (Jack). They’ve created an infographic that highlights some of the most overly used and disastrous buzzwords to ever hit a news story so you don’t get caught up in the ‘fluff’. Some of the biggest perpetrating buzzwords were ‘leading’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘low hanging fruit’!

Press regulation in the UK

Many people across the country have been surprisingly vocal about their stance on press regulation, both for and against it.

Kevin Hurley, now a former Metropolitan police chief superintendent, believes that the bill will hurt journalists and ‘genuine’ whilst blowers as it will instil a level of fear that stops them from anonymously confiding in the media. He said: