Zyon Ayni: "Development of a new medication for Covid-19 renews hope"

For almost two years now, Covid-19 has been ravaging the world, claiming about 4.7 million lives, as of today, according to Worldometers.info. Despite the various vaccines, new variants are still being discovered. However, beyond vaccines, there is a great drive towards developing antiviral medication like Codivir, which medical experts consider as one of the most advanced drugs in their capabilities.

The antiviral medication Codivir by Code Pharma recently received emergency approval for use in many countries, after it was proven to be effective against the disease. This development is a solid line for the world facing the fatal epidemic in the last 100 years. Zyon Ayni, an international businessman, founder and CEO of Dutch company Code Pharma, is behind this development.

Ayni founded Code Pharma in 2014. Recently, Hadassah Medical Center joined as one of the company's partners. The company is based in the Netherlands; it owns and operates research and development centers in several countries worldwide, including Israel.

Ayni said: “From day one, I saw the business and social potential. I was allowed to operate in a market that directly affects public health, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Since then, I have never given up. I continued to invest”.

The Breakthrough

Codivir was initially developed to treat HIV patients and approved by the Democratic Republic of the Congo government. With the Coronavirus outbreak, the medication was given to patients as part of a trial at the local hospital. The doctor who treated these patients noticed that they recovered quicker than those not treated with Codivir.

Based on the doctor's report and unprecedented results, the drug was transferred to the VRS Institute in London for a culture experiment. This action was to validate doctors' hypotheses about the medication's antiviral efficacy against Covid-19 and Influenza. The laboratory results were unequivocal - the medication inhibits the virus by 90-100 percent, so it is an effective antiviral medication against the SARS-CoV-2-2 virus and other RNA family viruses.

Brazil records Success in Phase I

After receiving the lab results in London, the company underwent a controlled trial in Brazil. The trial was carried out on patients who received two doses each day for 10 days, after which all patients showed rapid recovery over 6-48 hours and were discharged from the hospital by the third day.

Where do we go from here?

"The company is preparing for a massive Phase II trial, which will be carried out on three continents and soon begin in South Africa, Spain and Brazil. The trial will include between 130-200 patients". Zyon Ayni adds that "very soon, we plan to conduct further trials regarding the effect of the medication on other types of viruses."

Following the success of Phase I and the state of emergency globally, the company has received emergency approvals from several countries. Also, the company is in contact with the FDA and expects to receive the emergency approval soon. Thus, the company headquarter is working vigorously and preparing for massive medication production in several manufacturing facilities in various countries worldwide to meet the high demand expectations.

Zyon Ayni said: "We are negotiating with manufacturers around the world. With the successful completion of Phase II, we anticipate that most countries in the world will approve the medication under emergency approval. We are preparing for a broad global response in a short time; a move to ensure the company captures the world’s largest market share in a brief period".

There is a consensus today that humanity will have to live with the virus and its many variants. Although vaccines are being introduced, they are still one step behind the growing mutations. Hence, the world awaits a more effective solution to the epidemic. It is a critical move that will save economies waging a real struggle for survival between closures. Ayni’s conclusion on the interview goes thus: "it is important to understand that Codivir is the antibiotic of the viruses; a medication that will change reality as we know it today."

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