Zimrii Launches its Music Fan Engagement Platform

Zimrii releases its tokenization and NFT platform to help music artists achieve greater success

SYDNEY, September 14, 2021 – Zimrii has announced the release of its innovative platform empowering music artists to promote their music through blockchain technology. Zimrii’s platform empowers musicians to develop and sustain their careers on their terms and grow their global brand.

Since big players dominate the music industry, many musicians fail to make substantial revenues from the current streaming model. A new music economy is needed to help smaller artists get more value for their music. The Zimrii Music and Fan Engagement platform is built to help musicians generate a loyal following and foster deeper relationships with fans.

“The Zimrii Music Fan engagement platform marks a successful milestone in our vision to empower musicians and artists to gain loyal and engaged fans, develop alternative streams of revenue to achieve global commercial success,” says Zimrii CEO Mo Jalloh. “With Zimrii, we hope to create more of a level playing field for musicians and help them to succeed”

The platform features a range of exciting tools which enable artists to cultivate a unique fan experience. With Zimrii, musicians can promote their music through a tradeable brand token. They can also use their artist music tokens to offer fans rewards such as online gigs, merchandise, and downloads.

The Zimrii artist token exchange allows global music lovers to support their preferred artists by investing in their tokens and get access to unique collectibles

About Zimrii

Zimrii is an innovative music platform, built to empower musicians to promote their music through blockchain technology. By focusing on the tokenisation aspects of blockchain, Zimrii hopes to develop alternative streams of revenue and alternative engagement models for music artists. Learn more at zimrii.com 

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Zimrii Launches its Music Fan Engagement Platform