Zenith Ideas’ Outline 5 Rules for Start-ups

Starting a new business is challenging for anyone, explains Zenith Ideas. To help make the process that bit easier, industry leaders Zenith Ideas offer their advice to sustain future growth.

Zenith Ideas, based in Dublin, is a direct sales and marketing firm that specialises in increasing customer acquisition and brand awareness for a variety of businesses across Ireland. The firm offer a 'no win no fee' solution to marketing, allowing their clients to access expert industry knowledge with very little risk. Zenith Ideas help their clients to widen their market reach and boost their reputation by meeting with potential and existing customers on their behalf. By meeting with each customer one on one means Zenith Ideas are able to develop and nurture lasting customer relationships where each customer feels valued and receives a highly personalised service that many other marketing approaches simply cannot deliver.

As well as providing high impact, high quality marketing solutions, a major part of Zenith Ideas business strategy is to support and nurture their hard working representatives and contractors. The firm run a business development program which allows anyone within the company with entrepreneurial aspirations to develop and improve the skills required to run a business. Due to their extensive work with young entrepreneurs throughout the program Zenith Ideas are well aware of the many challenges facing entrepreneurs when wanting to start a business. The business world is a high pressure environment where, bad decisions have the potential to destroy any chance of success. With so many new responsibilities on their shoulders, many new business owners and entrepreneurs experience increased stress, which can affect their overall health and lead them to making risky and often rash decisions.

To help entrepreneurs cope with the pressures of business ownership, Zenith Ideas have called upon their own experiences in business and have offered their advice on the following five areas of starting a successful small business.

Fine tune the business plan

A business plan is the most important tool for any start up, not only will it ensure a business stays on the right track, it's also what will attract investors and secure that all important funding. A great business plan must be developed objectively, and address all potential problems and weaknesses within the model in order to find solutions and make the plan infallible.

Check the red tape

There are many legal implications of starting a business, checking trademarks and registering a business name, as well as tax obligations all have the potential to trip up a new business owner. Zenith Ideas urge entrepreneurs to seek out a red tape checklist, to avoid falling victim to any unaddressed legal issues.

Cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a new business and many entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of budgeting. However business owners should be constantly assessing their cash flow and forecast how much money their business will need to operate successfully for a year, taking into account seasonal trends and spending habits.

Understand the customer and stand out

Entrepreneurs should take the time to get to know their customers and work out what they really want from their business. Personalised marketing and loyalty schemes can help maintain customer relationships, whilst immersing themselves within the local community can really help a new business widen their brand awareness.

Plan for the future

To succeed, Zenith Ideas believe it's vital for new business owners to plan a clear picture of where they want their business to go in the future. This means creating a growth template, assessing what funding is required and of course, budgeting to ensure any long term goals are met.

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