Zenith Ideas: 3,750 New Jobs in Ireland Thanks to Startup Companies

Over the last few years, Enterprise Ireland has invested heavily in Start-up businesses which has led to thousands of new jobs across the country. Zenith Ideas voice their support for entrepreneurship and suggests that this is just the beginning for Ireland's entrepreneur culture.

After media attention surrounding non performing bank loans and limited credit availability, there’s now some good news for the Irish economy after rating agents Moody’s estimate above average growth levels of 3% over the next few years. The economy has been growing steadily since summer 2012 and the newly estimated rate of growth is almost twice that of Europe, which is great news for both consumers and business owners.

Employment growth has encouraged a higher level of consumer confidence which means many businesses across Ireland are set to see significant growth over the coming years as spending is set to rise.

This must needed boost in jobs and employment growth could be due to the country’s continued support of young entrepreneurs and start-up companies. With the number of Startups and small businesses increasing every year, small enterprises have contributed vastly to Ireland’s economic recovery. With many Start-up owners seeking out fresh young talent to help build their new business, Start-ups provide excellent job opportunities to many of Ireland’s young people. The country also saw a rise in the number of people choosing to become self-employed. Being able to work on more flexible terms has had a dramatic effect on the jobs market and has helped encourage those who previously struggled to find suitable roles back into work.

Zenith Idea’s is a fairly new firm and since opening in Dublin earlier this year they have seen much success. Owner Ollie Lane ran a business prior to the recession which he was forced to leave due to a life-threatening accident. 8 years later he and a young group of innovative, ambitious individuals have given his new business Zenith Idea’s a great start and things are looking bright for the firm’s future.

To support and encourage other young business minds, Zenith Ideas currently run a business development program, available to all contractors, suppliers and employees of the firm. Speaking of the programme, Owner Ollie Lane seemed adamant that young people need more confidence in their business potential and is hopeful that the programme Zenith Ideas provides will do that. ‘We aim to thrive in this new found optimism in Ireland and the development program will hopefully instil skills and confidence back into Dublin’s youth’. 

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