Your Business is Your Vehicle, Are You In the Driving Seat? Asks Concilio Solutions

In a recent business workshop with young professionals, Concilio Solutions outlined how business is like a vehicle and how to move forward within the industry, young professionals must be willing to take the wheel.

Based in Newcastle, Concilio Solutions is a leading force in the outsourced event marketing industry. At the forefront of marketing innovation, the firm helps brands connect with their audience through engaging, in-person pop up events and promotional campaigns. Acting on behalf of their clients, the firm meets with customers one-on-one, taking the time to communicate on a personal level and understand their needs. These interactions allow the firm to personalise the customer experience, which increases their clients’ ROI, brand loyalty and market reach.

About Concilio Solutions:

Working in such an innovative and fast growing industry, Concilio Solutions have dedicated a lot of time and effort to supporting the development of young sales and marketing professionals. Offering a range of exciting business opportunities, the firm regularly holds optional skills workshops, business seminars and networking events to help the young professionals they work with gain the necessary experience and skills to build a successful future in the industry.

In one of the most recent seminars, Managing Director of Concilio Solutions Paul Tapscott spoke to young professionals on why a business is like a vehicle and how the longer an individual drives; the further the vehicle will take them.

To illustrate this theory, when a new professional takes up a business opportunity with the firm, Mr Tapscott draws a road and a car at the start of their journey and every few months gets them to write what they learnt and what attributes they have developed. This process provides professionals with a visual aid for their potential success and sets checkpoints for goals to work towards.

Concilio Solutions believes that to succeed in business, professionals need to ask themselves where they want their vehicle to take them, what journey they want to go on and what's going to be at the end of that journey. There can be many goals that fuel people to push on with their business development, such as real financial security, helping friends or family, freedom to travel or increased confidence. However no matter the reason, to continue moving forward a professional must have a purpose in mind.

When a professional has a destination in mind, Concilio Solutions are adamant that they’ll reach it as long as they stay in their ‘car’, and if they can always see the destination, they’ll never get out of it - no matter what obstacles come up against them.

In fact, Concilio Solutions are confident that succeeding in business is like learning to drive. Learning to drive is a major skill to acquire and takes dedication and practice. The firm believes that if a person has a goal and knows how they will benefit from passing that test, they must have to stay in the car and keep trying until they pass.

Concilio Solutions are urging young professionals to take the wheel and drive themselves forward. Whilst they are likely to come up against obstacles along the way, the firm are confident that with a clear destination in mind, success is possible.

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Your Business is Your Vehicle, Are You In the Driving Seat? Asks Concilio Solutions