Concilio Solutions' Paul Tapscott shares the key to fast-tracking development

At a recent business conference, Managing Director Paul Tapscott addressed fellow sales and marketing professionals on how to fast track success in the industry, and how the sales and marketing sector is an ideal environment for those looking to develop their business skills quickly.

About Concilio Solutions:

Based in Newcastle, Concilio Solutions is a personalised direct marketing firm that prides itself on its commitment to providing excellent customer service. The company's face-to-face approach to marketing enables them to develop long-lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty for the brands they work with. The firm is becoming firm favourites for brands looking to guarantee a high ROI.

At a recent industry seminar Managing Director, Paul Tapscott was invited to educate future business owners on how to fast track their career in marketing. The seminar was an opportunity for professionals of all levels to congregate and take on new ideas and theories of leadership and accelerating success. The event took place at the prestigious Hilton Newcastle Gateshead. The modern venue offered attendees the opportunity to sample one of the cities finest hotels. Offering innovative spaces on the banks of the River Tyne, it is a perfect choice for businesses looking to wow their delegates.

Paul Tapscott offered insights into his background, where he started and shared snippets into how he developed a strong career in sales and marketing and his top tips on how to accelerate professional development. Concilio Solutions have been experiencing a period of growth, and they have successfully established themselves in Middlesbrough. The firm decided to expand their market reach to increase the availability of their services for their clients.

For attendees who have achieved a high level in their career, Paul Tapscott shared his vision for developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. During the early days of his career, Paul Tapscott pays tribute to his mentor and how crucial the role was in gaining a leg up in business. He is hoping to inspire others in a position of privilege to offer their expertise to young businessmen and women. By investing in aspiring talent, the firm will be strengthening the local economy and improving prospects.

Concilio Solutions shared their top 4 reasons for becoming a mentor:

1. It engrains what you know – Psychologists have proven that depth of knowledge can be dramatically improved the more frequently it is shared.

2. It expands what you know – All top entrepreneurs know learning never stops in business. By expanding a network, there will be new ideas and concepts to consider.

3. It establishes your reputation as an authority – Demonstrating knowledge and communication skills is the first step in developing a strong reputation in leadership capabilities.

4. It increases your professional value -influencing the masses will be a huge boost to a personal brand. By demonstrating an ROI, personal value is boosted.


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In today’s competitive world, Concilio Solutions differentiate themselves from their competitors by putting the customer experience on the top of their priority list. Follow on Twitter or on Facebook.

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