X Page 3 Girl Pens Tell-All Book about Hollywood & the Sex Biz

Turns out our 80’s British Page 3 Girl, Gail Thackray was the producer of some of those infamous Stormy Daniels nude photos as well as naked pics of other mega famous Hollywood celebs. Now Thackray shocks the world with her sexy exposé book about her nude photo business: “Running with Wolves: A woman’s Memoir of Sex, Sandal and Seduction.”

Thackray is already feeling the heat, getting sued for defamation after the release of her funny but shocking memoir. Not surprising, since the book has all kinds of juicy real-life details on naked celebrity photos, bank scams, hidden sex tapes and working with the mob.

Calendar model, Gail Thackray moved from Yorkshire to Los Angeles after landing an acting role on the US show Baywatch. She went on to sell nude pics from London photographers to US mags like Penthouse, amassing the largest library of naked photos in the world, owning the copyright to over a million images of naked girls.

The book contains gob-smacking details about working for the Mob and how they made millions in online porn. It is filled with scandalous revelations such as shopping sexy pics of a famous Billionaire’s wife with attorney Keith Davidson who recently represented Stormy Daniels in the hush money payoff to Michael Cohen for President Trump’s naughty sex fling.

And if you’re surprised that Kim Kardashian confessed she was on drugs during the making of her sex tape, wait until you read the story of another celebrity sex tape, where the star overdosed on drugs and almost died in the John Belushi room at the Chateau Marmont.

The book is an incredible insider view of the whole sex industry from soft-core magazines such as Playboy to the advent of the Internet. To boot Gail was a mainstream actress at the time and she shares candidly what was really going on with the whole Hollywood Casting Couch.

In the era of the me too movement, Thackray emerges as a strong woman who manages to play the game in a man’s world and use it to her advantage. This is not about a woman as a victim, dishing out the dirt on powerful men in Hollywood and the Sex Industry, it’s actually a light-hearted, often hilarious look at the real inner workings of a male-dominated-industry and how a young Brit was able to pull the strings. “Sometimes real life is so absurd, it’s hilariously funny, and you just can’t make this stuff up,” explains Thackray.

The scope of the book covers years of some of the juiciest topics; from behind-the-scenes on the most notorious players in the sex biz, to the development of technology through the Internet sex sites in the dot com boom and Yahoo passing Thackray all the “naughty sex searches they didn’t want.” It’s loaded with massive bank scams and explosive stories whose details have never-before been revealed. The journey finds Thackray in lots of sticky situations, dodging mob hits and the FBI and occasionally falling in love. Think “Wolf of Wall Street” in the sex biz.

“It’s raw, it’s juicy, it’s hilariously funny,” say readers.

Thackray started in the UK as a calendar model, with titles like Miss Tetley’s, Miss Vladivar Vodka, Marlboro Cigarette girl, and British Gas Girl (until it was banned), before moving to Hollywood. She created a sexy photo library, shooting for magazines such as Penthouse, Club, and High Society in the 80’s and 90’s and changed the industry with her own magazine Barely Legal.

Her book gives us an intimate look into the real lives of Bob Guccione, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner and the wild parties at the Playboy Mansion. At the launch of the Internet, Thackray owned over a million nude images and was the major supplier of naked pics on the web. Thackray won the first ever Internet copyright lawsuit, after which Forester Research did an evaluation of Thackray’s company at over $50 Million dollars.

Thackray also reveals her time as a scream queen starlet (aka Gail Harris) and the inner workings of the Hollywood Casting Couch until she finally landed at the respected CAA with Michael Ovitz. She starred in a slew of Roger Corman B movies and Quentin Tarantino’s Personal Favorite “Cell Block Sisters.”

Today, Thackray is currently in talks with producers to turn her sexy story into a TV series. The first taker on this was originally Harvey Weinstein, one week before his scandal broke out.

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