World’s First gold backed coin CURRENSEE opens up for Global Investors.

Dubai, London, Hongkong

December 14, 2017

World’s first 100% physical gold-backed cryptocurrency - CURRENSEE announces its launch. Headquartered in Dubai, Currensee is allowing global investors to be onboard.

"We want to give investors the opportunity to purchase before we list on an exchange", said the Founders of Currensee, "which could see the value increase significantly. To reward early investors, we are also offering lucrative bonus. The investors will get unique sponsor id that could be used to refer their network and earn additional 5% in our bounty program”.

The first ever digital money that is limited on Downside Risk and is High on PROFIT. A GOLD backed coin that increases its value on every transaction made.

Every transaction that will happen within the CURRENSEE ecosystem will make it stronger. Each transaction will generate a 1% transaction fee up to 10 USD, 80% of this fee will be used to repurchase more gold. This will ensure that as the volume of the transactions increases more gold gets added to the vault and all CURRENSEE owners share the profits by default since the value of the coin automatically increases.

Currensee identified weaknesses in cryptocurrencies with most relying solely on market value perception, without any asset value. To eliminate this, Currensee along-with the leading audit and vault partners, created the world's first 100% physical gold-backed cryptocurrency.

The amount of CURRENSEE coins that will be issued at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be 15,000,000 tokens. All these will be available for purchase through the official website of CURRENSEE. After the ICO ends, prospective holders of the coin will be able to buy and sell CURRENSEE freely through all the international channels that will have listed the Token.

The ecosystem that will be created by the issue of the CURRENSEE will also offer platforms such a mobile apps and payment processing which will ultimately work as an excellent medium of exchange all around the world.

This is a brilliant time in the cryptocurrency sector, the benefits that come twofold, both from a gold investment perspective and a cryptocurrency investment perspective, Currensee is the best investment solution available.

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