World Cocktail Mixology Champion, Paul Martin launches Dream Whiskies to ‘give away’ premium, rare & discontinued valuable whiskies!

Multiple champion cocktail mixologist and two-times world speed-mixing record holder has launched a new competition website called Dream Whiskies. The site allows whisky fans to compete (for free) to win rare, exclusive and valuable whiskies in monthly competitions.

“I wanted to give every whisky fan the opportunity of owning some of the world’s most desirable whiskies… I believe that everyone should have a chance of experiencing them and not just the wealthy few that can afford to”

Paul Martin, author of The World Encyclopaedia of Cocktails and the man who mixed 196 different cocktails in just 60 minutes has announced the launch of the world’s first dedicated whisky competition website. The ultimate goal is to give everyone (not just the wealthy few) the chance of owning some of the finest whiskies available.

Paul made a name for himself firstly as a world-champion cocktail bartender and bar owner and then as one of the world’s most prolific bartender trainers (having trained more than 40,000 of the world’s cocktail bartenders).

“I’m a life-long whisky fan, and I was struck by the fact that less than 5% of the world’s 750 million+ whisky fans can actually afford to buy the truly fabulous whiskies that sell for £100 and upwards,” Paul said. “I call this the Ferrari factor. Most people would love to own one but very few can actually afford to do so. That is why I set up Dream Whiskies. Whilst I can’t send everyone a free bottle of expensive whisky, I can give everyone a regular opportunity to win one.”

In a short space of time, Paul has established Dream Whiskies as the premier whisky giveaway website. By running monthly, free-to-enter competitions, with multiple social media entry options, Dream Whiskies has grown its audience from a few hundred players in its first month to over 50,000 in less than a year.

In their first 12 months Dream Whiskies have given away more than £5000 worth of whisky. “Currently, our average prize is valued around the £400-£500 mark, but our ultimate goal is to grow to the size where we can start offering some of the rarest and most valuable whiskies available. Essentially, we want to give people the chance of winning the whisky equivalent of a Ferrari!”


To find out more about Paul and the Dream Whiskies competitions, prizes and winners, visit Or contact Paul Martin on or 07793 654282

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World Cocktail Mixology Champion, Paul Martin launches Dream Whiskies to ‘give away’ premium, rare & discontinued valuable whiskies!