With deaths and hospital admissions related to drug misuse at their highest ever levels, my single & video ‘Demons’ is my way of fighting back

***** This is a truly fascinating song - one that is full of emotion and that reflects the feelings of many people not only in the UK but also the world over. This is a truly impressive song! Dr. Damian Spiteri Ph.D. (Senior Lecturer in Social Work)

A recent report from the Office Of National Statistics presents some alarming facts. Deaths related to drug misuse are at the highest ever level. Hospital admissions from illicit drug poisoning have increased by 6% and now account for a staggering 51 percent more than in 2005/06. The use of illicit drugs and the devastation they can cause continues to rise.

Sadly, with the advent of more and more powerful designer drugs or ‘chems’ as they also can be called such as GHB and Crystal Meth, more and more people are becoming victims.

Addiction is a cruel and cunning disease. People who are addicted to drugs are apt to lie, scheme, manipulate, have mood swings, and self-destruct. Addiction opens and makes people lose their sense of self-respect and makes families, as well as friends, suffer.

Many social factors also seem to be to blame, with young people having massive student debts to endure and fewer professionals to turn to with reducing funding being assigned for caring professionals and counselors in schools and in community settings.

Demons, the video, and charity single has been carefully crafted to help users find the strength to get onto the first steps to recovery. It acknowledges that young people can either self-medicate to avoid emotional pain or become disenchanted with the world around them and give up on finding a meaning and a purpose in life.

Demons was written and sang by Marcus himself, an emerging professional songwriter and one half of group Wilde And Fielder and produced by Reuben Martin.

The track was mastered by Tim Young (Take That, Robbie Williams, Madonna) with a big and bold music video centred around a prosthetic demon who represents drugs and alcoholism.

This catchy empowering homegrown piece of Brit-pop aims to retreat the tide of addiction with its strong anthem in the chorus and with its subtle references to current drug culture slang in each verse.

"It's a raw and honest account of some sections of modern-day society, beginning and ending with strength-giving messages to viewers,” says Marcus.

For inspiration, Marcus drew on personal experiences when writing the song.

Marcus is available for interview and would like to encourage listeners and viewers to share the video to raise awareness about the problems that addictions create for young people, family members, and society at large.

The track is available at all online stores to help raise much-needed money for addiction outreach services and aims to help save and turnaround lives.


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With deaths and hospital admissions related to drug misuse at their highest ever levels, my single & video ‘Demons’ is my way of fighting back