Why settle for average? Average is as close to the BOTTOM as it is to the top

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Re-marketing really is one of the real breakthroughs in the world of Internet marketing and the business world altogether.

Re-marketing is a way of reaching people who have been to your website AFTER they have left, regardless of whether they did anything when they were on your website!Before Re-marketing, if someone came to your website to browse what you were doing - maybe they found you on Google, saw your advertisement somewhere, were referred to you or however it may have been - the only way you could keep in touch with them was if they took some action. Maybe they bought something or signed up to your newsletter. Essentially they had to give you their details and that was the only way to keep in touch with them.If they did not give you their details, basically you have no way of communicating with them ever again unless they chose to go back to your website. The fact we can now do this addresses and solves a huge problem in online marketing.

But......there has always been a big problem with online marketing that has always been impossible to solve. The big problem is what we call the 1% rule. Obviously lots and lots of research and measurement is done online, especially by larger companies, to understand the buying and web behaviour of people who use the internet. It is extremely important to understand this, especially for large corporations. If they can make a small shift in people's behaviour, its worth tens of millions to them.
EVERY BUSINESS can benefit from this because its the same people and the same behaviour!

On average (We don't like the word average!), only 1% of people who visit a typical website take any action when they go to that website. This is what we call the 1% rule.Think of your own behaviour when you are surfing the web. What most people do online is go to a website that we are interested in and have a quick look. Then our brains have been trained to move on and "surf" the web. That is why it is called "surfing" the web. We go from one site to another. That is fine for you as a consumer, but it is a really big problem for you as a business owner. It means that even if you have got a really good website, product, service and sales strategy then 99% (okay 98% if you are really lucky) of people who come to your website are going to continue "surfing" regardless of anything you do or say. Its not necessarily your fault.Its not because there is anything wrong with what you are doing. However the customer looks at your site and in the back of their head, if what you have got is good, they believe they are going to come back to see you again. They think "I will come back later to this". Off they go, get distracted and never see you again.......Bye Bye customer......BYE BYE PROFITS.

This was a huge problem and we did all sorts of things to combat it....permission marketing and or lead generation online. Rather than selling to people straight away, we begin a relationship and ask them to sign up for something free in return for their email address and name. Problem solved, at least we can keep in touch with them. This helped, it takes the 1% upto 10% or even 15%, but that still left 85% or 90% who have gone forever. These were qualified leads. They did not find your website if the did not have an interest in what you are offering. So we are left with this horrible situation where we had this great thing - the internet - bringing hundreds of thousands of highly qualified potential buyers, but we were losing them. Major problem.Re-marketing really is one of the real breakthroughs in the world of Internet marketing and the business world altogether. With Re-marketing, we can keep communicating to that 99% (or if we are doing permission marketing or lead generation, 85-90%) who leave and we never hear from them again.

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Why settle for average? Average is as close to the BOTTOM as it is to the top

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