Why do Apple products gain so much popularity?

Apple Inc is recognized for its innovation among high-tech companies. In a short time, it has a great many faithful users and fans with its release of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Gold iPhone5S and other Apple product collection. This article aims to source the reasons why people are so crazy about Apple series products.

To explore the reasons behind the Apple fever, the survey conducted by UK money saving website polled 500 college students, teachers and the white collar class on their motivation of Apple items purchase.

Below list some questions and statistics data obtained from the survey:
1. Your Age:
54.17% - 20-25
22.92% - 25-30
22.92% - 30 or over

The figure shows that the Apple products consumers and its potential buyers are mainly young people aged about 25.

2. Have you ever purchased or used any Apple products?
45.8% - Yes
54.2% - No

This question and statistics somehow reflect that Apple commodities target the upper class and that they wont be everyone's beloved.

3. What impression does Apple products leave on you?
27.1% - Fashion
31.3% - Expensive
6.3% - Innovation
0% - Wealth

The data show that unlike those luxuries reflecting social status and wealth The Apple products are just products priced high. To some extent, the brand Apple leads the market, orienting the developing direction of the broad potential market in UK.

4. What Apple products do you know or hear of?
12.5% - Apple
0% - Macintosh
25% - iPod
54.2% - iPhone
27.1% - iPad

It can be inferred from this question that products manufactured by Apple are widespread but more attention has been paid to the new-released items and those products which Apple has been dedicatedly promoting.

5. Why do you rush for the Apple products?
41.7% - Keep up to date
6.3% - Great gifts for families and friends
2.1% - Business needs
47.9% - Other

From this data analysis, we will know that apple products become people's favourites mainly due to their unique design and personal pursuit of high tech electronics so that they will be the ideal choice as wonderful gifts.

Summary: Apple products are popular among the young, especially for the upper class and brainworkers. The consumers are influenced by their emotion and intuition for the most part, especially focusing on the design, color, brand, style and looks. They will make their purchase without hesitation as long as products can fulfill their own needs and do have some use to themselves.

Resource: http://www.newvoucher.co.uk

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Why do Apple products gain so much popularity?