WHO and European Commission on accessing €7.5 billion COVID-19 fund

In response to announcements from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and European Commission on accessing €7.5 billion COVID-19 fund, Mousuf C Zaman, Lead of STEMvCOVID19, said:

“There has been a sharp growth in the research and development sector since the outbreak of COVID-19.

It is critical for global funds to continue their support of this acceleration, and a commitment to ensure research and development support is available to all companies, in all countries.

This will ensure companies tackling COVID-19 have appropriate research and development structure in place to be viable candidates for the initial seed fund set out by the European Union Coronavirus Response Initiative at 7.5 billion.

STEMvCOVID19 launched out of City, University of London with the guidance of industry leaders and leading platforms such as ResearchGate.net. This has allowed us to provide free support ensuring projects have the correct structures in place to meet the current research and development demand in the industry.

We are urging businesses, higher education institutes and governments to come together and bridge the gap between initiatives and their access to innovation funds. The pace and impact of the spread of this virus is unprecedented and our response must exceed this.”

STEMvCOVID19 connect research and development STEM experts with technology companies tackling COVID-19. They create R&D capabilities for projects to make them more viable for R&D funds. You can find out more information on their website at https://www.stemvcovid19.com.

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WHO and European Commission on accessing €7.5 billion COVID-19 fund