Whitten & Roy Partnership teaches social entrepreneurs the power of present-moment-awareness

  • Practical workshop at this week’s Pioneer Post “Good Deals – Beyond Good Business” event helps to improve wellbeing in businesses.
  • An easy step-by-step guide offers an insight into the transformational mindfulness ‘Split/Attention’ process.
  • Sales consultancy also announces extended services to help early stages social enterprises with new “Sales and Leadership Excellence Seminar” later in the year.

In a drive to boost both mental wellbeing and business results for social entrepreneurs, international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership shares important advice on how to harness the power of present-moment-awareness.

Presenting at the ‘Good Deals – Beyond Good Business’ event, organized by Pioneers Post, the publisher for responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs, Whitten & Roy Partnership offered practical solutions for social entrepreneurs - and also their teams - to progress towards a more mentally healthy and sustainable future.

Scott Roy, co-director of Whitten & Roy Partnership, explains: “Critical to mental wellbeing and business performance is having a positive attitude. Yet there are so many things in the daily lives of social entrepreneurs that can negatively affect, often unexpectedly, attitude levels: from funding gaps to policy changes to capacity challenges. And once the attitude is down people become reactive and operate on autopilot - not a good situation for anyone involved."

Roy Whitten, co-director of Whitten & Roy Partnership whose PhD dissertation was on the subject of Transformative Learning and Change, adds: “In these instances it is key is not to let your mind, that is making judgmental conclusions and predictions within a stroke of a second, take over, and even worse let linger in those detrimental thoughts. Our teaching method, based on neuroplasticity and the ability of the brain to rewire itself, helps to bring a person back to the present moment.”

The one-day event held at Mary Ward House in Bloomsbury, London, earlier this week is the leading event in social enterprise and impact investment in the UK. Throughout the day attendees benefited from support sessions and lectures offering hands-on advice on how to nurture for oneself – and their team – as a modern-day social entrepreneur.

During Whitten & Roy Partnership’s practical workshop titled Healthy entrepreneur = healthy enterpriseattendees learned about the aspects of mental attitude to business performance. Packed with meaningful guidance, focused on real life coaching, tools and solutions, the clinic addressed some of the specific challenges social entrepreneurs face in order to make a positive impact and build a successful social business.

Scott Roy explains: “During the workshop we specifically helped social entrepreneurs learn to beat the attitude dilemma with our key technique Split/Attention, which has to power to totally transform professional performance by enabling individuals to be in the present moment. The ability to restore one’s mind is just one of the greatest leadership skills to learn.”

The Split/Attention process involves placing and holding one’s attention in two places at once. With regular practice attitude can be radically changed resulting in a more alert, confident and clearer-thinking state of being, which in turn, translates to stronger business performance.

Stephen Molloy, co-founder of social business Profits through Ethics, who attended workshop, comments: “Scott Roy’s session was tremendously thought-provoking, and it inspired me to not only think differently but also gave me a better understanding of how to better manage difficult leadership challenges. He’s been very approachable and inclusive throughout the discussions, injecting a new kind of energy and passion for my work.”

Scott Roy concludes: “It is our mission to help social entrepreneurs to not only unlock their attitude but their full potential as business people. When we fully concentrate on what we are doing – right here and right now – we think more clearly. Free from inner self-definitions, people start to focus on what they can do, instead of what they can’t. More than that, when each team member learns how to do it, the impact is truly transformational."

The event ties in with the Whitten & Roy Partnership’s latest service offering announcement: A new “Sales & Leadership Excellence Seminar” programme, packed with tailored training and coaching, will see its premier run in Nairobi, Kenya, later in the year designed expressively to allow small team to lead the growth and the social impact.

Since 2009 Whitten & Roy Partnership has helped socially minded businesses sell life-changing products and manage their people in an ethical way in over 125 projects across over 40 countries. The company works closely with a range of prestigious foundations, such as the Ashden Foundation, the Omidyar Network and the Shell Foundation.

A quick step-by-step guide to the “Split/Attention” technique

To manage attitude and shift it at will – and fast! - Whitten & Roy Partnership developed a highly effective four-step process that is easy to learn and master. Once adopted it can have truly transformational results for social enterprises and their teams.

Step 1: Learn to become aware of your attitudinal state, comprised of actions, feelings and words. In particular, it is important to become aware of the crucial moment when the attitude drops.

Step 2: Make a conscious choice to shift from a negative (below-the line) mental state, where feelings are down and low, to being mentally positive (above-the-line), in a state of possibility, clarity and alertness.

Step 3: Elevate the attitude with two actions that are simple but, at least initially, require a surprising amount of mental discipline. Together they would take no longer than 30-45 seconds.

The first action is to get into the “present moment”. For this Whitten & Roy Partnership uses a technique called Split/Attention, which involves simultaneously continuing to focus on what you were doing before the attitude drop, while at the same time focusing part of your attention on something physical like one’s breath. The second action is to focus on what you genuinely want. Once focused in the present moment, people can explore what they want and why they want it.

Step 4: Choose your simple and clear next step. With an elevated attitude it is possible to make clear choices that are well-considered. This is last step is crucial for getting back into action and feeling in charge of oneself again.

A step-by-step video tutorial with detailed instructions by co-founder Dr Roy Whitten of how to learn the Split/Attention technique can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P756cW303M

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