What Makes Moniat a Special Digital Currency ?

Moniat or MAT is a form of cryptocurrency, also known as an altcoin, an ERC20 token, digital money, or a utility token. These are blockchain-based forms of money. Holders can exchange their balance with other cryptocurrencies or traditional money.

Moniat is developing partnerships with major application developers to enable the use of Moniat as an in-app or in-dapp payment. It has partnered with Flashat so that Moniat will be the only valid payment method in its blockchain-based social medial application, which is planned to be launched in the second quarter of 2019. Flashat is a new way to store and share photos on social media using secure blockchain technology.

What makes Moniat special is that its holders receive MAT rewards for inviting others to hold more Moniat. When a new user buys Moniat, the balance is stored in a cold wallet under the user's sole control. An account link is generated, which the user can share with other interested investors to create new MAT accounts. Once these new direct or first-level investors buy Moniat, the original investor will receive 10% of the purchased MAT quantity. Moreover, if these direct links recruit further investors, the original investor will receive 10% of the amount they invest too, and so on for up to five levels. MAT is an amazing home business for a small investment starting from 1,000 MAT (Moniat), which today (December 2018) is valued at around only USD 100 (1 MAT = USD 0.10).

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What Makes Moniat a Special Digital Currency ?