Moniat leads cryptocurrency revolution to continue climbing

Moniat is a special form of crypto currency tokens that resides on ETH blockchain and represent a utility and store of value. Moniat, or MAT, is chosen by the underdevelopment decentralized social media application, Flashat, to be used as the only payment method for paying for the Flashat e-Albums for uploading and storing photos in a highly secured decentralized platform that protects the content from any copying unless authorized by the original owner.

Moniat is sold to participants for minimum quantities as needed to use, and not considering the traditional Tokens ICO, but rather on BUY AS NEEDED (BAN), with enabling MAT holders to benefit from MAT Account Linking marketing concept that generates extra MAT for accounts holders. Moniat gives an amazing opportunity for holders to generate additional Moniat balance by chaining their accounts to new users, and accordingly mine ten percent from the created Moniat by the new chained users. The principal Moniat (MAT) cannot be withdrawn because it makes the base monetary value for Moniat cryptocurrency, but the generated MAT can immediately be withdrawn and converted to ETH cryptocurrency then to traditional currency.

According to financial reports, Moniat cryptocoin (MAT) has been launched as corrective ERC20 Token to serve as a medium of future payments as well as utilize blockchain technology in the development of new dApps. MAT crypto will use cryptography in securing financial transactions, eliminating additional audit creations and in the verification of assets transfer. Moniat crypto is focused on changing the trading philosophy and profit generation. Per the report, Moniat holders can link their MAT Dashboard Accounts to new MAT holders to accumulate 10% MAT profit up to five levels down.

The investment attractiveness of Moniat cryptocoin is of a positive quality as in most reputable cryptocurrencies. The MAT cryptocoin has a number of presentation features that put it a step higher. Moniat was created as a mean of in-dApp payment, with which people, without resorting to traditional exchange trading, could easily mine moniat extra balances.

A remarkable feature of Moniat cryptocoin is the protection of MAT holders balances from arbitrary withdrawals by any financial middle institutions. Moreover, economic crises and sanctions cannot affect MAT savings or any cryptocurrency or BTC / ETH based crypto token and coins. Therefore, it is noticed that holders of Moniat cryptocoin profit balances always keep the rewarded Moniat for a long time. The main reason for this behavior is constant price stability and not reliability on market traditional supply and demand, but rather on moniat decentralized control of offering.

In general, cryptocurrencies transactions are not subject to any government control. Regulators are not able to trace any transaction made with the cryptocoins. However, the g-20 countries, which include world greatest financial powers in the world, are developing regulations to accept cryptocurrencies transactions. Such attempts to regulate cryptocoins was driven by the general public due to the increasing believe in the decentralized and secured crypto currencies.

Currently, cryptocurrency in general has different legal status in different countries. Some consider it as a "Costless to Create" currency with which people can use to pay for various services in everyday life and worldwide. Other countries don't want to accept cryptocurrency as a surrogate financial instrument, due to the fact that it will drive dramatic change to the balance of world wealth structure. By the end, all will accept cryptocurrency as a great potential for integration into society and the formation of a new digital economy.

In addition, it is important to understand that the devaluation of traditional currencies is still a main problem of many countries; where cryptocurrencies in this regard is a step higher relative to the same dollar or euro. For example, Moniat cryptocoin is limited to 20 Billion that will never increase regardless of demand, with current Moniat offer monetary value equivalent to USD 2 Billions, while the amount of traditional money in circulation is constantly and uncontrollably increasing not in Billions, not in Trillions, not in Quadrillions, not in Quintillions but infinite issuance of traditional currencies which could also exceeds the Centillion, some in the name of dollars and some in the form of forked currencies from dollar; which create the inflation that dramatically decreases the value of individuals wealth or weight of savings. In the contrary, there is never a worry about inflation when talking about cryptocurrency.

Yes, we trust that owning, holding and trading in cryptocurrency is a human right; which is used by crypto experts and investors who started to argue using the Human Right declaration No. 17, that gives people a Free Right To Own Things. This right means that everyone has the right to generate and own money or cryptocurrency or any form of things alone as well as in association with others, and no one shall be arbitrarily deprived such property.

All arguments between governments and cryptocurrencies will not come to an end easily, due to the fact that the increasing believe in and use of cryptocurrency is weakening the power of regulators over their end product who are unfortunately human; with the faith that general agendas always win over hidden ones.

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Moniat leads cryptocurrency revolution to continue climbing