Want to holiday like Attenborough? It will cost you £400k

Inspired by five of David Attenborough’s most popular TV series, eShores have created the ultimate wildlife-lover’s holiday. Using locations from both series from Planet Earth and Blue Planet, plus the single series of Frozen Planet, we’ve retraced as many of Attenborough’s steps as possible to to create the travel adventure of a lifetime.

To emulate the feats of Attenborough and his team from each episode of the five series, you’d have to embark on 175 flights across the world over at least 1034 days, along with several car journeys and a train journey across Siberian Russia.

Totalling £402,220 and lasting at almost 3 years (1034 days), the complete journey also includes several excursions to re-enact the adventures in the series as closely as possible. Included is a trip to Mount Everest from episode one of Planet Earth and an eight-day dogsledding expedition in Greenland, as seen in episode one of Frozen Planet.



With 44 trips and a total holiday price of £88,447, Blue Planet sees David Attenborough take viewers to a variety of locations, ranging from the isolated Galapagos Islands to thriving metropolis like Sydney and Los Angeles.

• Length of trip: 165 days

• Longest journey: 19,764 miles – Costa Rica to South Georgia Islands and back

• Shortest journey: London to Glasgow – 412 miles

• Most expensive trip: Costa Rica to Antarctica and back – £8559

• Least expensive trip: London to Scotland: £40

• Most expensive hotel: SLS Hotel Los Angeles – £2885

• Least expensive hotel: Hotel Polar, Okhotsk, Russia – £559


The first season of Planet Earth sees Attenborough travel to a whopping number of locations, we found the easiest route for travellers to see as many of the regions as possible.

• Length of trip: 253 days

• Longest journey: New Zealand to Madagascar – 7451 miles

• Shortest journey: Death Valley to the Grand Canyon – 394 miles

• Most expensive trip: Ottawa to London – £2463

• Least expensive trip: Baikkal to Mongolia – £40

• Most expensive hotel: Barazar Resort, Zanzibar – £4176

• Least expensive hotel: Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu – £241


As many of the locations in the series are in cold climates, Frozen Planet is the shortest trip of all the series.

• Length of trip: 103 days

• Longest journey: South Georgia Island to Alberta, Canada – 8750 miles

• Shortest journey: London to Norway – 1080 miles

• Most expensive trip: Buenos Aires to Antarctica – £8000

• Least expensive trip: England to Norway - £120

• Most expensive hotel: Hotel Continental, Oslo - £2403

• Least expensive hotel: Guest House Vremena Goda, Bratsk Siberia - £345


With 39 plane journeys, our travel itinerary for Planet Earth 2 had the second most plane journeys of any series, just five fewer than the first series of Blue Planet.

• Length of trip: 294 days

• Longest journey: New Zealand to Seychelles – 10882 miles

• Shortest journey: Nevada to Arizona – 282 miles

• Most expensive trip: China to India – £1013

• Least expensive trip: France to Italy – £44

• Most expensive hotel: Scottsdale Resort and Spa, Arizona – £3515

• Least expensive hotel: Carlton Hotel, Madagascar – £798

BLUE PLANET 2 (2017)

Attenborough’s latest series saw the film crew travel on 39 plane journeys across the world, taking in some of the globe’s most beautiful seas and oceans.

• Length of trip: 219 days

• Longest journey: French Polynesia to London - 9555 miles

• Shortest journey: Miami to Nassau – 313 miles

• Most expensive trip: New Zealand to French Polynesia - £1022

• Least expensive trip: England to Scotland - £38

• Most expensive hotel: Le Meridien Bora Bora - £3582

• Least expensive hotel: Azore Hotel, the Azores - £632


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