Want to be Successful? You Need to Learn Sales Says Matt Wassall of MJ Experia Marketing

Managing Director at direct sales and marketing firm, MJ Experia Marketing, Matt Wassall says all business professionals must learn sales if they wish to be successful and outlines his five reasons why.

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Sales is the most sought after skill in the world; every company needs to make sales in order to survive and thrive.Speak to any successful entrepreneur and they often recommend sales as a first career, from learning to sell a product or service to selling themselves. Sales is a skill that is transferable into any business in the world. Matt Wassall, managing director of sales and marketing firm MJ Experia Marketing offers his top five reasons why sales is a fundamental skill to master in business.

1. You learn to speak to different types of people

With advances in technology, the art of conversation is being lost to text and email. People are scared to pick up the phone nowadays, unless it's to one of their family members or friends.When someone is in sales they need to talk to people.Having a face-to-face conversation allows someone to pick up on cues like voice tonality, facial expression, hand gestures and posture, all of which tells them what someone is thinking.Having done it enough times someone then gets comfortable doing it, which means that when they have to reach out to people in other parts of their life, they don't get nervous anymore.

2.It allows you to read people

Talking to a lot of people that want something (i.e. a product), allows someone to learn how to read people and how to approach the conversation. They learn to speak to them appropriately in order to sell the product.This skill can also be hugely beneficial in someone's personal life.When someone knows how people prefer to be interacted with they can then adapt their approach.The best leaders are masters at this.

3.You learn to influence people

Influence isn't about tricking people, learning this skill simply enables someone to read people and put their point across in a way that will be better received. This point is directly related to point 2.If someone doesn't have the ability to read people then they will be unable to assess what kind of personality they have and therefore they will not be able to have influence over them.

4.Learning how to sell

Sales provide people with the ability not just to sell products or services but with the ability to sell absolutely anything.For example, asking a boss for a raise or wanting to succeed in an interview scenario.Sales is simply about overcoming objections, and someone must keep seeking them out until there are no more objections left.

With some time spent in sales, an individual would have the confidence to speak to their boss and not hesitate through the entire process. It also provides them with a good idea of the possible objections they would encounter, so they're able to come up with rebuttals before even beginning the conversations.

Sales teaches someone the skill of negotiation, giving them the idea of haggling to meet a mutually desirable outcome. They can determine what sort of personality they have before hand, so they'll know the best possible way to deliver the message. While success isn't guaranteed, sales experience improves someone's chances of success massively.

5.Shyness is overcome

While many introverts do achieve business success, it tends to be extroverts that are most well-known. Nowadays many people consider themselves introverts because they've spent most of their lives interacting with people behind a computer screen and believe that is somehow normal.The people that make it to the top in any business generally have good people skills.When someone is in sales, they don't have the luxury of interacting with people behind a computer screen. Dealing with people is a skill just like many other things and the more someone practices it, the more comfortable they feel and the better they get at it.

At MJ Experia Marketing they have an environment that encourages and nurtures budding entrepreneurs.Through the firm's business development program, individuals with an entrepreneurial mind and good business acumen have an opportunity to learn all aspects of business management and are given an invaluable opportunity to practice what they have learned in a stress-free environment.The 6-12 month program teaches participants all aspects of: campaign management, client relations, marketing and sales strategies, micro-management, leadership and motivational and public speaking.Upon completion participants have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills to allow them to run their own business.

MJ Experia Marketing is a Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm.Founded by Matt Wassall, he has built a force of determined business professionals with hands-on front-line sales and marketing campaign experience that have the drive to deliver improved sales revenue for its clients.Avoiding high cost traditional marketing methods, MJ Experia Marketing offers their clients innovative and interactive marketing solutions that are highly effective and extremely cost-effective.

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