​MJ Experia Marketing inspired by Grant Cardone book

Sales and marketing professionals, MJ Experia Marketing has revealed the title of their latest read and why it has inspired them.

MJ Experia Marketing has been working closely with their contractors to discuss development and upskilling. The firm’s latest discussion centred on their most recent read, ‘Be obsessed or be average’ by Grant Cardone. In the book, Mr. Cardone discusses how to turn so-called problems into the gifts of genius and the energy necessary to fulfil a purpose, as well as how obsessions and supposed neuroses are extremely successful attributes.

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MJ Experia Marketing has revealed that they feel if a person is not obsessed with what they do then they will not be committed to making that thing a success. The firm also highlights how those who are obsessed with reaching their goals and developing themselves often achieve greater things. MJ Experia Marketing believes that being obsessed helps to drive better results and encourages their organisation to become obsessed with reaching the goals they are passionate about.

MJ Experia Marketing states how many people often associate the term ‘obsessed’ with negative connotations however they feel this is unfair and untrue. The firm prefers to associate the term obsessed with positive attributes such as passion and determination and believes that these are more positive terms which help to drive success.

MJ Experia Marketing encourages their contractors to be obsessed with reaching their goals and regularly hosts motivational meetings encouraging this positive behaviour. The firm aims to have contractors who are committed to their own personal development and the development of the business which means that all of their contractors must show signs of striving to reach their goals on a daily basis. Within the firm’s meetings, they help to develop motivational techniques such as focusing on a ‘why’ which helps their contractors push towards their goals. MJ Experia Marketing reveals that a ‘why’ is the reason behind why that person set that particular goal, for example, they want a certain amount of money, or a holiday or a nice car. The firm believes that focusing on this ‘why’ can help drive the obsession of completing a goal.

MJ Experia Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. The firm specialises in a personalised form of marketing which allows them to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis. This helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer as well as increasing customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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