Vuja De Capital Securing Startups for 2020

Vuja De Capital has recently stated through its previous acquisition that it is focused on a triple-bottom-line (People, Planet and Profit) framework when investing in new startups. Founder Jason Maya stated: 'We will not only invest money into early stage and other series startups but also invest in our people. We want to take a position that gives our largest backers confidence, so we will assure them that we have at least one board seat dedicated to new startup investments. We outsource specialised management teams and an advisory committee that assists in growth for startup companies.' Mr Maya has recently completed a large acquisition through private entities and investors in South America. As he explains, 'through all the adversary being faced in South America at present, our dedication was key to successful transition and we recently, on 28 June 2019, closed a deal that most persons believed could not be achieved.'

Vuja De Capital has raised fifty million dollars (50,000,000.00 USD) through round 1 funding this quarter and with the proceeds it has acquired most recently through its South American investments. It has also announced joining with a Middle Eastern partner who has streamline funding through a sovereign wealth fund and who will support Vuja De Capital.

Mr. Maya will base himself in both the UAE and Europe while he focuses his attention on the emerging market of Poland along with Spain and structures his management to ensure that by 2020 they will be ready to hit the market.

The company most recently announced a merger with Veinte Veinte Capital (meaning 2020 in English), another company founded by Mr. Maya. His new board will be announced in September this year, including two key Dubai committee members who will give the company the added exposure required to enhance the company's image.

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