VIVIDBOOKS is Releasing its Entire Content Library Free of Charge to Help Students Learning From Home

Physics comes to life! The authors of the new Vividbooks educational platform have accelerated development to help teachers and parents with teaching from home.

The Vividbooks educational platform, in response to the current complicated situation with education, is releasing its entire content library free of charge until further notice. The curriculum of elementary school physics comes to life in a completely new, interactive form. Teachers and parents have another alternative to homeschooling, which will entertain children much more than regular textbooks.

Using augmented reality (AR), Vividbooks are able to teach science in a clear and entertaining way. This didactic library can be used by teachers and parents, who are looking for ways to homeschool kids effectively, in this difficult time.

The Vividbooks library offers physics for kids aged 8-12, and include the topics “Optics and Energy” and “Liquids.” "We accelerated the development of Vividbooks. The release of our content was originally planned for May this year, but we wanted to respond to the current difficult situation and contribute with what we can do" explains Vítek Škop, founder of Vividbooks, adding, "we know that everything is not perfect yet, the project is in the testing phase and we will be happy for any feedback.”

Vividbooks is now available for free on the App Store. If you want to try it, the application will guide you to print worksheets, which contain briefly prepared chapters, an explanatory illustration and related questions. Using your tablet or smartphone the illustration on the worksheet comes to life and the animation explains the physics topic at hand. Children can then draw what they see in the animation onto the worksheet. They are prompted to think critically about the questions and this way create their own textbook. “Our approach promotes creative and active learning that has much better results than normal memorizing of formulas and professionally described principles” says physics teacher Frantisek Cáb, describing the benefits of Vividbooks.


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VIVIDBOOKS is Releasing its Entire Content Library Free of Charge to Help Students Learning From Home