Viral Sensation, Nala the Station Cat's Christmas Anthem Aims to Take the UK by Storm!

News provided by Nala the Station Cat on Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023

Move over, Santa! There's a new festive sensation in town, and she's not coming down the chimney. Meet Nala the Station Cat, the four-legged feline viral phenomenon earning millions of views that's unleashed the catchiest Christmas single for years.

Nala's Musical Journey

This ginger tabby, whose adventures at Stevenage station have made her a viral sensation, is now gracing our ears with her debut single, "Check Meowt." Move aside, Mariah, because Nala's vocal prowess is set to give even the most seasoned divas a run for their money. Co-written and produced by industry heavyweights Danny Kirsch and Joe Killington, this purr-fect melody is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Exclusive First Play on BBC Three Counties Radio!

The cat's out of the bag! BBC Three Counties Radio's Justin Dealey gave Nala's single an exclusive first play, leaving both the presenter and Nala's owner, Natasha Ambler, momentarily tongue-tied. Forget speechless, they were "slightly lost for words." Can Nala claw her way to the top of the charts? We're all on the edge of our scratching posts!

All Aboard the Nala Express!

Nala, the station's unofficial mascot, has been winning hearts and breaking down barriers faster than a speeding locomotive. She's not just a cat; she's a community builder, creating a purr-fectly cheerful atmosphere at Stevenage station. Station manager Shaun Smith says Nala is creating a "paw-sitive" vibe, making staff and customers alike feel part of a purr-fect local community.

Paws for a Cause: Charity at the Heart of Nala's Mission

LadBaby just announced they’re not doing a number one this year, so there's a new charity contender for the Christmas number one spot. All proceeds from "Check Meowt" will be generously donated to the RSPCA and Stevenage homelessness charity Feed Up Warm Up. Nala isn't just winning our hearts; she's making a difference in the lives of animals and humans alike.

Nala the Station Cat's music video: Coming Soon to TikTok

Prepare to have your heart melted, one paw at a time. Nala's viral adventures continue on TikTok, @nala_station_cat. The video is set to drop this week, and we predict it will be more viral than catnip. Get ready for the furriest, funniest, and most festive content of the season!

Join the Christmas Rescue with Nala and the RSPCA!

As we dance to the catchy beats of "Check Meowt" let's not forget the bigger picture. Nala's single comes at a time when the RSPCA needs our support more than ever. An RSPCA spokesperson said:

“It’s always lovely to see animals we have rescued thriving in their new homes so to see Nala doing so well and touching so many people’s hearts with his train station adventures is amazing to see. We’re incredibly grateful to Nala and his owners for releasing their purr-fect single Meow to raise funds for the RSPCA and a homeless charity - and give it our full backing for the Christmas number one spot! “The launch of Nala’s song comes at a time when animal and neglect calls to the RSPCA have reached a three-year high and our rescue teams are set to be busier than ever this Christmas. That’s why we need people to Join the Christmas Rescue - and support our dedicated frontline teams. With the help of Nala, his owners, and other kind animal lovers who raise funds and donate to the RSPCA, we can help transform countless animals’ lives this Christmas.”

Calling All Journalists and Influencers: Nala's Exclusive Interviews Await!

Nala the Station Cat is on a mission to spread joy, laughter, and holiday cheer. Journalists, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and news outlets, buckle up! Nala is available for exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes scoops, and exclusive content creation. Get in touch, and let's make Nala's Christmas single the talk of the town! Also, a version of the single is available upon request.

Nala the Station Cat is not just a cat; she's a festive force to be reckoned with. Let's make her Christmas single the soundtrack of the season, all while supporting a paw-some cause. Get ready to hit replay on "Check Meowt" and spread the holiday joy, one meow at a time!

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