Vas Promotions CEO thinks businesses are too quick to write people off

The Managing Director of Vas Promotions in Birmingham has spoken out about his core values and considerations, discussing how many businesses are quick to write people off far too quickly.

About Vas Promotions:

The sales and marketing industry is a famously performance based, target-driven industry. While CEO Vasile Topciu recognises that hitting targets is very important, he has been expressing his interest in giving people a chance to improve themselves, rather than losing faith in them at the first hurdle. By allowing individuals time to work on their skills and better themselves, Mr Topciu believes they will be more likely to reach their goals and provide high standard, quality results – far better than the results of working under peer pressure and stifling work standards.

The CEO believes investing time and effort into others is a worthwhile commitment, and urges all business owners to make time to do this if they are to build a solid and capable workforce. The entrepreneurial business owner is outspoken about his passion for helping people develop and improve their skills.

"I want to provide my contractors with a work environment which allows them the time and space to set realistic goals," said Mr Topciu. "Not everyone works at the same pace, and it is unrealistic to expect everyone to complete tasks and achieve goals at the same speed."

The firm recognises how, in the fast-paced industry of sales and marketing, it can be easy to get carried away in the moment and consequently dismiss someone for not hitting their desired targets. However, rather than scolding an individual, the business owner believes getting to the root of someone's personal profile and mindset is far more important and makes it easier for managers to work out how they can guide each and every person towards success.

Commenting on the recruitment process of Vas Promotions, the CEO noted; "Variation is one of the most celebrating aspects of this industry, if you have a good attitude and a student mentality, anyone can sign up and do this job! We need to embrace and encourage that way of thinking."

Vasile continued: "I don't want to be just 'another sales company'. My aim, as Managing Director, is to educate and invest in my workforce, so they feel valued and naturally want to improve to stay at the top of their game."

Based in Birmingham, Vas Promotions is an outsourced direct sales and marketing agency. The firm has become one of the industry's market leaders and believes that one of the main reasons for their success is their company culture that inspires motivation and encourages people to achieve their goals to reach their full potential. Aiming high, Vas Promotions is planning to open up in further UK markets in the coming years. Plans to expand internationally are also under discussion.

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