Uproar Vision Gets into the Wimbledon Spirit

With the annual tennis extravaganza coming to an exciting close, Uproar Vision has been running a series of meetings with their workforce, on how they can use tournaments greatest athletes as a source of inspiration in business.

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Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments across the globe, this year the competition has offered spectators a real gripping experience action packed and full of surprises. The reigning champion entered the competition with an injury which saw him get knocked out much earlier than in previous tournaments. New records were set by male tennis players, and for the ladies, newcomer Johanna Konta caused an upset by beating well-known seed two players. Uproar Vision and its contractors have been keeping up to date with the tournament as they believe sports men and women are often fantastic sources of inspiration.

Elite athletes can often be compared to successful entrepreneurs as they embark on their careers they are required to make sacrifices, take on feedback, experience failures then dust themselves off and try again. Often both athletes and sports stars have been told they will not succeed and should quit but have demonstrated a passion for learning, adapting, and growing. The traits needed to do this are commonly found in high achieving entrepreneurs, resilience, drive, and perseverance.

Uproar Vision reveals what their contractors have taken from the Wimbledon tournament:

1. Build a collaborative mindset: Understanding that although the tennis player is the one in the spotlight, there has been a concerted effort from trainers, dieticians, and physicians to mould the superstar into the winning tennis player. Sometimes projects will require a group effort to achieve an objective.

2. Making working together easier: In the beginning, everyone needs to be transparent on their strengths and weaknesses to ensure an overall balance is achieved. Business reviews can be advantageous for businesses as they grow and skill sets change. An honest team will be the highest performing as weaknesses can be complimented by other team members allowing strengths to be maximised upon.

3. Get your reward strategy right: Take time to establish motivators, not everyone will be driven by the same incentives it is vital to gather a deep understanding of what motivates each. Leaders who can tailor incentives are more likely to achieve success in the long run. It is also vital to offer recognition to everyone involved at the end of a project.

Watford based direct sales and marketing company Uproar Vision hits the ground running and announces their plans for a nationwide expansion of at least ten operations across the UK by 2020. The firm specialises in acquiring new customers to bridge the gap between consumers and clients by conducting promotional, personalised face-to-face sales and marketing campaign.

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