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What is SurveyCompare?

SurveyCompare is one of the largest paid survey community in the UK. Through this website you can be rewarded via cash into your Paypal account or gift vouchers for filling in online surveys. The surveys are from a number of well respected, legitimate survey providers and can cover just about any topic imaginable from films to finance. Unlike a number of other survey companies out there, SurveyCompare charges no initial registration or ongoing fees. Becoming a member of the site and receiving surveys is completely free.

How Does it Work?

Registration is quick and easy and takes less than 60 seconds. Once registered, you are advised to fill in your profile questionnaire. Filling this in means you are more likely to get surveys that are suitable for you, thereby lowering your chances of being screened out. With most surveys, the first few questions are screening questions.These are used to see if you match the demographic the survey provider is looking for. If you fit the profile, you will be allowed to complete the survey, if not, no further questions will be asked.

The rewards differ depending on who the survey partner is and will be paid via Paypal or in the form of vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer and Top Shop. The length and complexity of the surveys also differ. Usually, the longer or more difficult a survey is, the higher the reward. When you have reached the cash out limit, either cash will be sent to your Paypal account or your chosen gift vouchers will be emailed.

What Changes have been made to the New Website?

The new version of the website is extremely user friendly. The layout is uncluttered and all of the relevant information is at hand. Lots of people are wary of a website they have just found as they don't want to be caught out by a scam firm. This new site offers lots of reassurance that SurveyCompare is a legitimate firm, even going so far as to provide information as to what readers should look out for on a scam website and how they should avoid paying for information and being misled by claims that high earnings can be easily achieved.

On a similar note, there is a 'Who We Are?' section which, along with a photo of the team, gives background information on the company including their aims, who they work with and for how long. Such details are not often seen on websites and therefore goes some way towards reassuring potential registrants that this is indeed a legitimate company.

Another new feature is the section which lists other ways that registrants can earn money from home. Opportunities include data entry, product testing and jobs suitable for stay at home parents. As many people who fill in online surveys are simply trying to make a few extra pounds, this section should prove invaluable. It helps point people in the right direction, dispensing with the need to scan numerous search engines results whilst providing the added reassurance of knowing that none of the opportunities listed are scams.

There is also a new section which lists the partners of SurveyCompare and anybody who already fills in surveys will know these include some of the largest survey companies in the UK.

Why Should you Use SurveyCompare?

SurveyCompare works with some of the largest survey providers in the UK, meaning that the opportunities to fill in surveys and be rewarded should be plentiful. They work with companies such as Global Test Market, IPSOS, Toluna, Valued Opinions and Maximile. Instead of being registered with these sites individually, you can have all your information and reward details in one place which will make filling in the surveys quicker and more cost effective as you are less likely to miss a survey opportunity.

SurveyCompare are also an environmentally friendly and socially aware company. Nearly everything they use is recycled and computer hardware is refurbished and reused. Over the 3 years since the team has been working together, they have raised a significant amount of money for charity by completing bike rides, triathlons, sky-dives and other athletic adventures. Recent charities they've raised funds for include Honour Village Cambodia, Samaritans and Lifelites.

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