UK animal welfare charity Naturewatch Foundation surveys for animals

UK animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation, has shared startling statistics from an online survey they organised about animal testing. The groundbreaking charity published the figures on 24th April, to coincide with World Day for Animals in Laboratories. The survey draws attention to the almost FOUR million live animals still used each year in scientific procedures in the UK.

Shockingly, animals including cats, dogs, pigs, rats, mice, fish, primates and even horses are used in experiments according to Home Office statistics.

Whilst animal testing for cosmetics is banned in the UK, some ingredients in household cleaning products are still tested on animals in addition to chemicals used in industry, farming and medical research.

The Naturewatch Foundation survey, which took place from December 2018 to January 2019, revealed:

  • 99.5% want a worldwide ban on animals being used to test cosmetics.
  • 80% responded they did not want animals used in medical research.
  • 97% wanted a ban on animal testing for other scientific reasons such as household cleaning products.

More than 500 hundred comments were received by the charity in response to the survey, with many people expressing how upset they were that animals are still be used.

Naturewatch Foundation Campaign Manager, Sarah Carr, explains:

“Each year, the Government releases shocking statistics exposing how many animals are used in British Laboratories. On World Day for Animals in Laboratories, we want people to know they are not alone in thinking that these animals should not be abused. 99.5% of people who responded to our survey want a worldwide ban on animals being used to test cosmetics.

There is still huge secrecy about types of animal testing in the UK underpinned by law. Naturewatch Foundation is campaigning peacefully for more transparency, including repealing Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. We want the Government to do more to support alternative testing methods using the latest scientific advances.”

Whilst many scientific bodies, animal welfare groups, and representatives of the major political parties have also acknowledged the need to repeal the law, the Government is yet to take action.

With so many people horrified that animals are still being used, Naturewatch Foundation also publishes a handy Compassionate Shopping Guide for people who want to buy cruelty-free products. To order a free copy of the 14th edition of the booklet, please email or for more information go to the Naturewatch Foundation website


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