UFO-21/12 conspiratorial mystification exposed systematically on scientific grounds.

The all-around evidential facts-sheet entailing 280 scientific equations, to expose the 21/12 cataclysmic disaster conspiracy proposition.

Breaking Feature-21/12-(London) The widespread conspiratorial hype vis-à-vis in relation to 21/12, vast-intriguingly generated by the cultists, fueled by the communal corporate profiteers, and inter-perpetuated by media and certain academia has encompassed that a worst-case scenario, that it could be. Media generated exaggeration and exasperation has reached and touched such an implausible peak, that 20I2 Ipsos poll in 21 countries including the so-called highly civilized and well-modernized countries, like United States, Japan, Russia, Korea and China, reportedly yielded a response ranging upto 20% of the poll, indicating, fair-enoughly, the adequacy and acceptability appropriateness of the anecdote ridicule.

The large-spread UFO conspiracy theory embraced varying eschatological perspectives in cosmological contexts. Furthermore certain scientific angles have been successfully embedded in a highly crafted and well-tailored fashion to perpetuate multi-farious distortions for the non-erudite masses. The scientifically-smithed methodology of turning the ancient fantasies into modern realities made the things authentic, quite efficaciously and effectively.

Since, if analyzed fairly, the whole proposition is solely based on two predictive interpolations, i.e. inter-religious theologies and the cosmogenic ongoing dispositional cadavers mainly based on and circling around the idea-cores of the earth's possible collision centered around the probable geomagnetic pole reversal , and then, making a domineering interfusion between both spheres extents.

Both of the accounts have been thoroughly investigated and fairly examined by a multi-disciplinary research erudite Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi of Pakistan, by taking into purview the multidisciplinary segments of both spheres of the matter under scrutiny. The investigative findings have been recorded in a research broadsheet presented to NASA, after having recorded and analyzed all presumable evidential strictures in relevance until the last construing at the 21/12 sunrise plasma-flares gaugings at the equatorial sunrise timing.

Over 280 cosmo-magnetic equations drawn and concluded thereby, include sharply the cosmo-circadian reading initiating from 'over-the-top' i.e. periodic polar changes maxima start up of the solar cycle to 'below-the-bottom' the last circadian readings of marking upto the sunrise time of 21/12/12's day, along the celestially perpendicular mid of the equatorial plane.

The 80-years periodic change maxima cycles have fallen approximately in 1775-1855 and 1930-2010. Subsequently the 22-years cycle begins with an even 11-years cycle indexing the mean areas of group of spots, evidentially doesn't support the said supposition, illustrate the findings.
Neither of the polar drops (latitudinal polar drop on the earth's day side, and the latitudinal polar drop of the earth's night side) indicates the likelihood of geomagnetic reversal, proposed by the western physicist and science popularize Michio Kaku, at least, untill 2090, affirmingly states Pakistan's Prof. Hafi in his well researched, and eruditely transcendental dissemination.

Approximately all of the positions of the earth's magneto sphere's boundary are found fairly identical, whereas the form of magnetic Lines of force near the boundary of the magnetosphere differs notably for different positions clearly implying the improbabilities of the said anecdoted geomagnetic polar reversal, asserts the paper's research work in commentary on the supposed mageneto-reversal phenomenon.

As far as the matter of theological construal elucidation is concerned, finally and conclusively, none of the inter-religious theological inscriptions authenticates the accounts attributed to ,but profoundly and unanimously negate the 21/12 ologician's proposed view of Apocalypse, firmly asserts the multi-disciplinary eastern erudite, Prof. A Z Hafi.

The investigative analyst of the above cataclysmic UFO conspiracy, Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi has made massive contributions to both, 'Humanitarianism and Scientific Research'. The 'emblem-sign' A Z Hafi, symbolizingly denotes exceptionally remarkable and enormously unusual & rare combinations i.e. an upright incandescent thinker and a luminous orientalistic philosopher, a dynamic innovatory scientist and an edifying revolutionary philanthropist, a forward-looking superb inventor and a conscience-pricking moralistic poet, an immensely straight analytical eye-opener and a tremendously strong vertical phenomenologist, a free-of-charge physician for complex disabilities of retarded children and a renowned embalmed epidemiologist in devastating catastrophic and post-disastrous situations, an innovative communal consultant and an inventive practitioner of integrated alternative medicines, an untiring teacher cum motivator in complexities of affairs, and a mentor of the vanguards as well as the left-behind deprived ones, a splendidly super-charged analyst and an assertively conclusive, effervescent and vivacious truth-narrator, at the same time.

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UFO-21/12 conspiratorial mystification exposed systematically on scientific grounds.