Ubique Innovations: Get ahead by Building Solid Leadership Networks

Every successful entrepreneur will be able to attest to the power of strong professional networks. The sales and marketing firm Ubique Innovations believe that the reason why the sales and marketing industry is currently thriving is partly due to its non-hierarchal approach to recruitment. Ubique Innovations feel that this can act as a huge advantage for individuals who are looking to build their networks with a diverse range of professionals.

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The industry is synonymous with developing the talents of ambitious, driven and dedicated young professionals regardless of their previous experience, with all candidates starting at the same level. As a firm, Ubique Innovations believes that it is their willingness to welcome all individuals from different walks of life and value everyone's previous expertise, which has helped them become one of the most exciting sales and marketing firms in Newcastle.

In a workshop for their contractors, Ubique Innovations discussed the reasons why they believe it is important to build strong leadership networks that are made up of a diverse range of people with a wide range of expertise and skill sets.

The online publication Psychlopaedia defines leadership networks as an ‘interconnected web where employees come together based on informal groups rather than adhering to a hierarchy.'

Ubique Innovations explained that professionals that endeavour to build strong leadership networks are more likely to take control of their own professional growth and develop their problem-solving skills. The firm also added that networking with like-minded professionals who share the same attributes could also help individuals develop their out-of-the-box thinking skills and typically tends to drive innovation within a business.

"At Ubique Innovations, we encourage all of our contractors to network with like-minded individuals who are as committed to achieving their goals as they are," said the firm's Managing Director Paul Hope. Mr Hope continued by stating "The sales and marketing industry is fantastic for bringing like-minded professionals together and in the global business landscape, networking can be the distinct difference between becoming a success or failing to reach your goals."

Source: https://psychlopaedia.org/work-and-performance/how-leadership-networks-can-benefit-your-workplace/

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