Travel Handsfree: The easy way to transport your sport equipment and luggage on holiday

One of the most frustrating and stressful parts of a trip away can be transporting, handling and protecting your luggage and sport equipment at the airport – before you’ve even headed off on your holiday. That’s why has created a unique Door-2-Door luggage service to remove that stress. Read on to find out more about how this can help to make your next holiday get off to a calmer and more enjoyable start.

We all look forward to a holiday, whether it be to relax in the sun or something a bit more active, such as sightseeing, playing golf, skiing or even mountaineering.

But something that can ruin a holiday or make it stressful for all of us, is handling our luggage and equipment at the airport. There’s the chore of looking for trolleys, waiting at check-in queues and delays at luggage carousels – the list goes on. Most people are often exhausted, exasperated and defeated by this.

But added to that is the worry of something happening to a vital piece of equipment you can’t holiday without. Shockingly, all the major airlines miss-handled approximately 22.7 million bags in 2017 according to SITA (an air transport information technology company), and 1 passenger in 5 was asked to pay excess baggage fees according to travel insurer Columbus Direct.

And all travellers, are susceptible to excess baggage fees and lost or damaged luggage and sport equipment.

Making handling your luggage at airports easier

It was for these very reasons that we at have created a reliable luggage shipping service. We will collect your luggage and any sports equipment from your home and deliver it directly to your hotel or other holiday destination. We will also return it to your home at the end of your holiday.

Just imagine those heavy suitcases and sport equipment lying in your hallway and then being uplifted by one of our helpful couriers. Next time you see them they will be in your hotel room or apartment.

We know that this service will encourage more people to travel, knowing that, there is one less thing to worry about.

How to use the AiroLuggage service

AiroLuggage is not only super convenient, but our site is also easy to use. You can get a quote on our website in super-quick time. Our prices are highly competitive, and we even allow you to compare them against all the major airlines’ prices for luggage handling.

Once you’re happy with the price quoted, simply schedule your collections and deliveries on the days and timeslots of your choice. We will then send you the plastic security wallets and email you the shipping labels. Simply attach these to your luggage ready for collection, then sit back and relax. As you would expect, we offer a personalised service for all our customers.

Travel should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We at AiroLuggage feel that our affordable and practical Door-2-Door service greatly reduces stress when travelling, allowing a greater degree of independence for travellers

We at AiroLuggage support the aim of a world where people can travel handsfree to the airport knowing their luggage is waiting for them at their destination


As a company founded by frequent travellers, we understand the inconvenience of dragging luggage around the airport. Our dedicated team has built a customer orientated business offering you direct technical support, personalised customer service, and live luggage tracking, so you have peace of mind knowing your luggage is in safe hands.

  • Stress – Have you ever dealt with the hassle of waiting for your luggage at the carousel only to find out its been lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Cost effective alternative – When you send your bags with AiroLuggage you can travel handsfree knowing you won’t be stung with excess baggage charges.
  • Simplicity – Shipping with AiroLuggage is the easiest and most affordable way to send your luggage across the world.
  • Customer Service – We know by getting this part right our customers will have a stress free more enjoyable travel experience.

Our Focus on Service

It’s what our business is all about - the highest level of customer service. We want you, the customer, to be completely satisfied, and have full confidence in our door-to-door luggage service. We want to alleviate the stress caused by dragging luggage around airports, waiting at long check-in queues and luggage carousels. Our on-call customer support and our unique live tracking pages will give you peace of mind, knowing that your luggage is being handled with care throughout the delivery process. Enjoy your journey from the moment you leave home.

Future Opportunities

Our plans within the next 6-12 months is to expand our operations into the USA and create new jobs. Our objective is to provide customer service support for our US customer base and provide a global and domestic service for US customers.

We also aim to move into the Asia market specifically the far east in order to capture the growing Asian and Pan Pacific market where air travel is growing exponentially with air passenger numbers increasing year on year.


Soon travellers won’t be checking in any luggage at the airport or dragging bags and suitcases across terminals. With our Door to Door Luggage Service why would you want to drag luggage across the airport?

Here’s why 10000s of people already use this type of service?

  1. Hassle free
  2. Cost effective
  3. Personal service
  4. Avoid check in queues
  5. Bypass luggage carousels
  6. Avoid excess luggage charges
  7. Convenient collection window 12pm > 4.30pm
  8. Door to Door delivery service

The facts about your luggage and the air industry;

  • Last year 22.7 million bags were mishandled by airlines that is bags lost, stolen or damaged.
  • 1 in 5 travellers paid a fee for exceeding their luggage allowance.
  • £395 million – the amount UK holidaymakers pay in excess luggage fees each year
  • 1.2 billion – the amount made by Ryanair and Eaysjet in luggage fees

If you use our Luxury Service, we can deliver your luggage next day to almost anywhere in Europe.

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