Transorm a Bumpy Parenting Ride into a Smooth One.

The Parenting Wheel of Life Workshop could be just the thing to help your parenting run more smoothly. Join other parents for a fun and thought provoking workshop that can make a big difference in your parenting! Lower your stress level and help your children to be happy and well cared for.

The Wheel of Life is a well known coaching tool to help you discover how balanced your life is and what areas need your attention. Judi has taken this tool once step further and has developed a special Parenting Wheel of Life which is made for parents to assess their parenting strong & weak areas so that they can see what areas they are doing well in and make progress in the areas that need a boost.

These discovery sessions can be anywhere you are already having a parenting meeting of any kind. Judi will join you at your venue.

Each parent has their own assessment wheel to fill in, using the special tool & instructions that Judi will provide. When completed, you will have a visual picture of your Parenting Wheel and you will be able to see how bumpy (or smooth!) your ride is. Judi will then facilitate a discussion around parenting areas that need the most improvement. We will then share and contribute ideas and tips on how to solve some of the universal and individual problems that many parents are faced with. Each parent keeps their wheel as a reminder and they will also receive an on-line link where they can download additional Parenting Wheels. If you would like to take it a step further, Judi is available for parent mentoring or coaching.

Our children are our future and our job as parents can not be overstated. Parenting is one of the most challenging and most rewarding jobs there is. It is of the utmost importance that each one of us does the best job we possibly can. But it's very difficult without support, understanding and help from others who are experienced and in similar situations as you are and who have been there themselves! The Parenting Wheel Workshop is an effective yet fun way to up a notch your parenting skills.

Areas covered include:
Parenting Skills
Health & Safety
Child's Social Life
Child's Education
Developmental Milestones
Meals & Nutrition
Parent's Well-Being

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Transorm a Bumpy Parenting Ride into a Smooth One.