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ArigaTo The World- Arigato, Japanese Way of Gratitude’ to the World

“ArigaTo the World” a special art exhibition will be held from July 7th 2022 till 13th July at Sway Gallery in London.

Masami Hiroe, the founder and chairman,Laughten Calligraphy Inc In Japan is in collaboration with Japanese film director Fumiko Irie and five London based Japanese artists will hold a special art exhibition to convey the essence of Tanabata(Star Festival) and energy of Arigato(Gratitude) at Sway Gallery in London on 7th July.

In this art exhibition, we hold an event to decorate bamboo branches with "Arigato(Gratitude)" messages from all over the world in the hope that such a divided world will once again become a world filled with gratitude and joy.

“Arigato’ is Gratitude in Japanese

We believe that each moment in our life and all existence in our world is precious and beautiful. Everything in our world is such a miracle.

Through the ongoing global pandemic and recent conflict, we have experienced a world where we haven’t been free to meet our loved ones. Some of us have lost contact with the wider world and are still facing a challenging time.

We thought it was a great opportunity to gather together to circulate the energy of ''Arigato( (Gratitude), Love and Joy to the world.

Masami Hiroe developed a well known style of writing called Laughten Calligraphy”, which incorporates calligraphy with a lovely smiling character, as communication art.

Throughout her challenging life time such as her childhood, PTSD and the breakdown of her 20 years marriage, Masami learned the importance of laughing through Laughter Yoga, and this provided the inspiration for her to establish the Laughten Calligraphy Inc at the age of 49.

Now there are 35,000 students in the " Laughten Calligraphy". Masami trained more than 500 instructors, mainly women in their 50s. She published 5 books and her works have been used by Japan Post as stamps "Smiling character series that pass on your feelings". Masami received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award. Her motto is "Be yourself."

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