Toy’s by LEGO® can be almost 30% more expensive depending on which online store you choose

Minderest has compared 13 online stores that sell toys from the world's best-selling brand, LEGO®.

Toy’s by LEGO® can be almost 30% more expensive depending on which online store you choose

Minderest has compared 13 online stores that sell toys from the world's best-selling brand, LEGO®.

December 17th, 2018.- What toys will be sold most this Christmas? This is one of the questions asked by many families around this time, and is also echoed in the retail sector, because this trend will affect the evolution of stock and prices. The law of supply and demand tells us that the higher the demand for a product, the higher the price (assuming supply remains unchanged). In the case of toys, is this applicable?

The reality is that every Christmas campaign has its star items, but there are some that remain among the most sought after and desired year after year: A great example are toys from LEGO®. To find out if there is a significant price difference depending on the online point of sale, the price and stock monitoring tool Minderest has carried out a study that will allow us to find out where the products of this brand can be found at the best price.

So, last December 13th, a sample of 222 LEGO toys with stock in Amazon UK and other sellers captured from Google Shopping were analysed: Alza, Roys of Wroxham, John Lewis, Brickshop, Very, IWOOT, Smyths Toys, The Hut, LEGO Shop, Conrad Electronic, Sam Turner & Sons and Fruugo. In the sample, the marketplace prices of some of these companies have been ignored, and only items that are sold in at least 3 of the previous 13 companies have been selected.

For each of the products, the cheapest price found in any of the online stores analysed was obtained. The percentage difference has been calculated with respect to the cheapest price found and each of the stores compared. The results that were obtained are as follows, and it can be confirmed that price differences can exceed 35%. This is the retailer ranking compared to the cheapest merchant found:

  1. 8.52%
  2. Roys of Wroxham: 9.32%
  3. Amazon UK: 10.47%
  4. John Lewis: 10.52%
  5. Brickshop: 12.69%
  6. Very: 13.32%
  7. IWOOT: 14.36%
  8. Smyths Toys: 15.48%
  9. The Hut: 19.55%
  10. Lego Shop: 19.77%
  11. Conrad Electronic UK: 21.24%
  12. Sam Turner & Sons: 22.87%
  13. Fruugo: 35.73%

Gary Thomson, UK Country Manager at Minderest, highlights the importance of comparing prices and not falling for the general, and often erroneous, idea that Amazon is cheapest. "LEGO is always extremely popular at this time of year as both fun and educational toys. Due to this LEGO reaches a very large audience of both children and adults, so making comparisons can help us save a lot of money."

In fact, within Minderest’s study you can also see the average difference between the cheapest and the most expensive price found for each of the products, which stands at 27.48%.

"This would be the maximum saving that someone would obtain just by comparing prices," concludes Gary Thomson, who also offers several examples that show the price differences that can be found for the same product. “LEGO Jurassic World 75930 Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate” is sold on Amazon and Very for £69.99 and at John Lewis, The Hut and Smyth Toys for £99.99. This is a huge price difference which exceeds 40%”.

Minderest, experts in price monitoring

Minderest's price and stock monitoring tool has positioned itself internationally as one of the leading solutions in its sector. The technology company closed the year of 2017 with a growth of over 300% compared to the previous two years, and with a 'churn rate' (customer cancellation rate) of less than 5%. By 2018, it plans to maintain similar growth figures while increasing its workforce, which currently comprises 30+ people. Minderest operates in more than 25 countries, and among its more than 200 European customers are 10 of the 25 largest European retailers, including Carrefour, Decathlon, HP, Royal Canin and Leroy Merlin. In 2014 and 2016 the company received awards for the best software solution on the market.

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Toy’s by LEGO® can be almost 30% more expensive depending on which online store you choose