Toughrack Produces Dust Proof Servers with Additional Filter

Ensuring that the delicate hardware involved in large or small server systems isn’t compromised or damaged by the conditions in which they are kept can be a difficult and tricky task. Without the proper equipment, protecting your equipment and expensive technology from dust, debris, overheating or overcrowding can be nearly impossible.

However, as the demand for more intricate and elaborate protective equipment for servers, cables and other communication devices increases, so too do the number of elegant design solutions to the problems faced. A prime example of this is the new Toughrack dust proof server cabinets and the ingenious way in which they protect equipment from the accumulation of dust and dirt.

As floor space becomes more and more expensive, there is a greater need for cabinets and racks that maximise the amount of hardware that can be placed in a smaller and smaller capacity. However, this raises its own problems and issues, including cleaning and maintaining hardware that is packed tightly together, without disrupting or damaging the technology.

Prevent Dust Build-Up

The most efficient solution to such a problem is preventative. Rather than trying to remove dust and dirt once it has settled and affected hardware, more and more companies are using dust proof cabinets to ensure that dirt and dust aren’t able to reach the equipment in the first place.

With this in mind, Toughrack have produced a cleverly designed new dust filtered server cabinet. This not only prevents the accumulation of dust on equipment, but also allows proper circulation throughout the cabinet, reducing concerns with overheating.


As overheating is considered one of the most damaging problems in modern data centres and network systems, ensuring that cabinets have built-in mechanisms that allow for proper air flow has become a top priority. A poorly ventilated and controlled air flow system can cause a number of problems with equipment that can reduce performance levels and cause lasting damage to expensive hardware.

As such, Toughrack have ensured that their design incorporates elements that guarantee cooling systems are not compromised. As is expected of a company with Toughrack’s reputation, the design of the cabinet meets the requirements of a demanding industry, in which technology is constantly evolving and rapidly advancing.

This includes the ability to create bespoke and tailored racks and cabinets that meet the exact specifications of customers who require a slightly altered product. The server racks are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the spatial requirements of users and include a variety of features that ensure their application is both efficient and easy. This includes front and back quick release doors that provide easy access to hardware.

It is of the utmost importance that hardware is protected and insulated from those elements that may otherwise harm and damage the equipment or impair the performance of the technology. This is the case no matter how large or small the numbers of servers in use are.

With the introduction of Toughrack’s new dust proof cabinet, the company has ensured that businesses using such technology are able to employ clever storage solutions that not only maximise space, but also protect. With a full range of products, including noise reducing cabinets, Toughrack are able to provide server storage that meets the requirements of a huge number of businesses.

If you are interested in a dust-proof server rack, then simply get in touch with Toughrack.
Soon there will be an option to buy via the online shop and also more information on the site itself about this new product.

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Toughrack Produces Dust Proof Servers with Additional Filter