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Timothy Poulton is an Australian musician, composer, songwriter and producer for Timothy and the Apocalypse and Mass Experience.

He is most well known for his award-winning landscape photography and groundbreaking design work which has seen him travel the globe for the past decade, traversing the seven continents to capture the world’s most remote wild places.

An intrepid traveller, Timothy has also inspired others to leave their creature comforts and join him on his One Of A Kind Photography Adventure Tours. These unforgettable expeditions have included treks deep in the winter of Patagonia, braving The Drake crossing to the Antarctic peninsula, and flying helicopters over glaciers in New Zealand to spend nights in remote back country huts. All of his experiences have strengthened his love of nature and pressed home the urgency of recognising the invaluable beauty of wild places.


Stuck in limbo in 2020 due to travel restrictions, Timothy refocused his creative energies into music, writing and creating a blend of indie electronic tunes which are fast generating an eager following of passionate fans. Formally setting up and calling his solo act Timothy and the Apocalypse; an apt name for a soundtrack for the Anthropocene.

Excelling in the arts, combined with cutting edge technology, comes naturally to Timothy. Together with partner Katie M Little, the pair have been writing and recording for many years, first coming to acclaim with their 1997 dance hit single ‘I Heat Up’ signed to UK label Fresh Records back when they were both DJs and promoters, and now more recently as duo, Mass Experience with their first album Sitting With Demons slated for release early 2021 on Marshmallow Pavement.


The spark behind Mass Experience and Timothy’s newest solo venture Timothy and the Apocalypse, ignited when Timothy Poulton and Katie M Little met 25 years ago. Their desire was fused by a love of emerging technologies and the explosion of dance music that blew their young indie musical minds, and they have not stopped creating since.

In the early 80’s and 90’s Timothy was discovering indie bands in Australia including The Clouds, Falling Joys, touring with Volition Records on the ‘Techno Pop Tour’ to spinning Manchester classics at the legendary Limelight on Crown St Darlinghurst, touring English band Adorable to sellout crowds at the Phoenician Club in Broadway. Promoting some of Sydney’s most legendary underground rave parties in the 90s to designing many of the scene’s most iconic club flyers and record label artwork as self-taught graphic artists, the duo have not stopped pushing the boundaries of technology in all forms to deliver a constant stream of unique and fresh content.


When the impact of COVID hit early 2020, both Timothy’s photography career and Katie’s ventures into stand up comedy came to a grinding halt. Quite by accident, as Katie was working on a blog and Timothy was jamming they realised the piece Katie was working on would work better as lyrics – and the song ‘Sitting With Demons’ was born.

A profusion of tracks followed, exploring the dynamics of love and relationships, and the fight to stay sane in a fake news age.

Realising an exciting new entity had been born, the duo named their act Mass Experience, reflecting their desire to unite people through music and set to work recording their first album, named after the title track that spawned the birth – ‘Sitting With Demons’.

Already the album is being likened to breakthrough electronic acts such as Underworld, New Order, Massive Attack and Röyksopp.

While Mass Experience bubbled along, generating its own strong distinct sound, Timothy also began writing more experimental electronic pieces. Similar to his prolific photography career which scooped him numerous awards and features in dozens of international magazines when he exploded into that scene, Timothy’s music writing was unstoppable.

He decided to create his own act called Timothy and the Apocalypse where he could let loose exploring a limitless fusion of styles and arrangement methods. Using his production and engineering skills and his guitar prowess, and drawing on his love of drum’n bass, jazz, trap, soul, indie and electronic dance, sometimes collaborating with other producers and musicians to expand his musical repertoire into downtempo, house, and much more.

Growing in popularity and generating a strong following, people are falling in love with Timothy’s fresh, unique and creative style of music. Timothy and the Apocalypse has already produced a number of stunning tracks.

From high energy rhythmic singles with a mix of acoustic instruments and vocals to dark techno that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, Timothy’s music is energetic and inspiring, soothing and rhythmic with a great beat, always original and often surprising.

It’s not hard to imagine some of his tracks being snapped up by Quentin Tarantino or the Coen Brothers for upcoming movies or TV shows.


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