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The Time Party announces today that it has added its name to the Belmont Declaration, pledging unconditional & unequivocal support for an alternative to continued Lib/Lab/Con 'chumocracy' rule that has denied real choice in elections for the last 50+ years.

"The last 5 years has demonstrated repeatedly that the British electorate are largely ignored by traditional parties once they are in Government." says Tim Considine, Leader of the Time Party.

The Belmont Declaration (https://belmont-declaration.uk) is sponsored by the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom (https://adfparty.uk), and calls for all non-mainstream parties to unite in a single challenger party, in order to provide a real and substantial challenge to the established parties.

“The Time Party have supported the Belmont Declaration from the outset, and their formal subscription today marks the first important milestone in the Belmont Declaration to develop a truly united people’s party that challenges the declining relevance of the legacy parties.” says Dr. Teck Khong, Leader of the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom, adding “In the coming weeks, work will continue to include various individuals, groups and parties keen to be that powerful unitary party. Together, we will transform the British political landscape from the grassroots and serve our country”

Tim Considine for TIME adds ”From the attempt to castrate the Brexit referendum vote by Westminster and Whitehall, through questionable and unaccountable decisions throughout the coronavirus pandemic, mainstream parties in both Government and Opposition have demonstrated they are not representing the British electorate, but their own self-interested agenda. Previous eras have been no different. It is time therefore for alternative voices to come together in a unified form to challenge the tyranny of our current political process, and break through the historical anachronism of a First-Past-The-Post system”.

About the Time Party :

The Time Party (”TIME”) is registered with the Electoral Commission as a party campaigning in England, Scotland and Wales. The Time Party is committed to a rejuvenation of government through policy review and reorganisation, focussed on clear thinking, and ditching the baggage of legacy government process.

Website : https://timeparty.uk

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