This app means you'll never go to the motorway services again

JUNCSHUN the new tech company are about to launch an exciting free app for motorists and passengers who are fed up with boring, identical, expensive motorway services. Users simply download the app to their smartphone via juncshun's website, select the motorway and junction and immediately view a list of restaurants, pubs, street food and much more, within a 3 mile radius of that junction, so not impacting on travel time.

The app also includes soft plays, convenience stores, B&Bs, gardens centres, food vans, parks and garages. Unlike searching via Google, juncshun gives the user all the information they need in seconds, including information on pet/child friendly venues, opening hours, directions to and from the motorway junction and if the establishment is suitable for caravans and lorries to park.

JUNCSHUN'S founder, Ian Gibbons explains there are 4 reasons we designed this app

"Number 1 - Motorway drivers don't want fast food or an overpriced, boring sandwich everyday and would sometimes prefer more choice and food that's freshly prepared and healthier, but often they don't know what's just off each motorway junction.

Number 2 - My local pub, the Huntsman Inn is just 30 seconds drive from junction 14 off the M5. Many motorists travelling up or down the M5 never knew this pub existed, now they can take a real break, before facing the next part of their journey, relaxed knowing that they have an alternative to the overcrowded services. Our app means this can be replicated across the UK.

Number 3 - Google takes forever finding a match the users requirements and they're often past that motorway junction by the time they've found somewhere.

Number 4 - 200,000 drivers use just the M25 each day, imagine how many establishments and venues would benefit if a percentage of drivers use the app, especially as many places are struggling for customers.

The app is available via their website

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This app means you'll never go to the motorway services again