Thinking Outside the Box: LGB Direct Ltd Promote the Benefits of Outsourced Direct Marketing

In the current economy British companies are looking for more effective and innovative solutions to boost their marketing reach. London-based LGB Direct Ltd provide engaging direct marketing campaigns to some of the UK’s leading business brands.

The market today is still presenting challenges for businesses of all sizes. A lot of firms have turned their attention to outsourcing when it comes to marketing and sales as a cost-effective solution to increasing market reach. Thinking outside the box is what helps companies stay ahead of competitors and be profitable in this economic climate.

LGB Direct Ltd, an outsourced marketing and sales firm, is a well-known leader in the field of direct marketing. The company specialises in developing and executing marketing campaigns for clients from a range of industries. “By using direct marketing, we work with the customer in person enabling us to give a personality to the brands we represent. We come in when businesses feel traditional forms of marketing are not performing at an optimal level. Moreover, we provide a cost-effective service which provides immediate results and feedback. That makes our outsourced service very flexible for our clientele and easier to control marketing response rates,” says Lyudmil Borisov, MD at LGB Direct Ltd.

Providing a unique marketing approach is extremely important in today’s brand-savvy and predominantly digitalised market. LGB Direct Ltd optimise performance by harnessing the most efficient tools and resources, which make a significant difference to sales and overall business profitability.

Flexibility is one of the main advantages direct forms of marketing have when compared to indirect marketing campaigns such as radio or TV. LGB Direct Ltd are experts in personalising campaigns towards a specific customer group. This approach makes it easier for the campaigns to evolve as customer needs or market conditions change. Another benefit of using direct marketing is the fact that it provides a better ROI than traditional advertising, this is largely due to the ability to measure results more accurately.

Some of the main advantages direct marketing has over its indirect varieties is the fact that it can provide a direct channel of communication for a company with their customer base. That leads to better brand exposure and helps build personal relationships with the customers, which in turn lead to increasing sales. Many companies choose to outsource their marketing strategies to LGB Direct Ltd in order to focus on their core business practices. “When businesses face difficult economic times or go through a fast growth period it is important they get back-to-basics and focus their efforts on their core business practices. Outsourcing their marketing and sales campaigns relieves a lot of pressure and can ensure the quality of their product or service is maintained at a high level,” confirms Lyudmil Borisov.

LGB Direct Ltd expect the demand for outsourced direct marketing to continue to grow and are currently making plans to expand their geographic coverage in early 2014.

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Thinking Outside the Box: LGB Direct Ltd Promote the Benefits of Outsourced Direct Marketing