THINK Business Loans Launch World’s First AI Commercial Lending Advisor

Alongside their new ‘Funding Platform’ online customer environment, Think have launched an AI ChatBOT that advises customers on all things commercial finance

CLAIR is your new 24/7 digital commercial lending assistant, a chatBOT designed for business owners looking to manage and fund their business. Developed by Think Business Loans, she helps business owners access funds and information, that can help them to drive, and manoeuvre their business, based on funding available to them. CLAIR lives within the THINK Funding Platform Universe, and has been developed to guide, and advise our clients on all things commercial finance related (and some other helpful life tips thrown in for good measure).

Co-Founder, Director and CLAIRS father Jamie Stewart, debuted CLAIR to a handful of select clients and partners of THINK last month, alongside their commercial finance Funding Platform, which already boasts over 5000 active users within its first 3 weeks.

“CLAIR has been a labour of love for us for months. She was designed to simply be able to help our thousands of customers get answers to the questions they need, without having to always call. Alternative commercial finance is a minefield, with hundreds of lenders offering different rates, conditions, terms, and all in confusing jargon... CLAIR simply helps guide and give them the information they need to make informed decisions that help drive and grow their businesses”

“CLAIR, uses a combination of predetermined and coded answers to commercial finance questions, with AI route logic, and the ability to self-teach based on her experiences with each client”

“I can’t believe how quickly she has developed in a matter of weeks, I really excited to see how broad her knowledge base will be in the months and years ahead”

“We have spent the last 18months cataloguing every question and query our clients present us with throughout not only the course of their funding journey, but also before and after, this has given her a 92% accuracy rating during our BETA testing”

CLAIR operates within the THINK client funding platform, which allows you to connect your business and then continuously compare and match to the best current business finance options for your business, at any time, from the palm of your hand... without the continuous need to credit check.

Based on real-time, live financial data, combined with third party reach, connecting your bank account, companies house, and accountancy information, we can match your business against over 200 lenders, assessing eligibility, amount and conditions in seconds, allowing you to react to opportunities and unexpected surprises instantly, giving you peace of mind that your business is always financially ready.

You can also monitor the progress of your current finance applications in real-time via the platform, connecting directly with the lenders, ensuring the fastest and easiest underwriting and application process in the market.

CLAIR never sleeps, and she’s always by your side. Ensuring you’re kept up to date at all times, on not only current applications, but also helping you to match your business, in real time, to available lenders and amounts... never miss another opportunity again due to cash flow, or by having to rely on your lethargic old bank.

“Commercial Finance has just been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century”

Think Business Loans: Think is one of the UK’s leading commercial finance comparison services. Conceived by Ian and Jamie Stewart, and Gary Flint. Occupying the mainly SME web space, they have grown their business by over 1000% over the past 12months due to the technology they employ to help bridge the access gap between SME borrowers and lenders. Having already successfully released and launched their Aggregator/intermediary CRM and iFunds matching technology, CLAIR is their newest darling, running with the continuous ambition to help UK businesses grow and achieve their goals.

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