The World's First Restaurant Dedicated To Explosive Desserts



Altrincham launch of the World’s first restaurant dedicated to desserts.

The first in a chain of dessert restaurants, originating in the North West.

A restaurant focused on revolutionising the way dessert is appreciated, inspiring people to embrace dessert as the main course.

Fireworks Ice Cream & Desserts is the World’s first restaurant dedicated to desserts, and desserts alone. Created by a group of dessert lovers, the founders had noticed a huge gap in the market; they saw the need for great desserts, both in Altrincham and nationally. So, they created a company to suit a nation which has been inspired by dessert focused TV shows, to fall in love with something sweet, and founded their restaurant on one simple philosophy: WOW!

In the week running up to the launch, Fireworks ran a competition with Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. Early years were asked to design their own dessert. Our production manager chose the winner, Sophia Zhang and her dessert was created on the night. Sophia opened the restaurant along with Alex McCann from Altrincham HQ.

Launch party guests were a combination of celebrities, influencers, media, local families. A large group of bloggers and dessert lovers were introduced to the world’s first dessert restaurant. Fireworks were excited to have Altrincham HQ’s Alex McCann as one of our key guests. The local social media whizz and popular news source has been a great supporter of Fireworks from day one, his speech at the launch introduced Fireworks to the community in Altrincham and encouraged people to interact on Social Media.

Magali Gorre was a key guest at the event, along with Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad, Chris Welbeck (brother of footballer Danny Welbeck), and popular blogger Totes Inappropes.

Became clear on the launch night just how perfect of an addition to Altrincham the restaurant is. It’s a desperately needed place for teens to socialise. A positive and safe environment for under 18’s to enjoy a sociable dessert, without needing ID to get in. There was a great number of children and teens sampling desserts at the launch party, enjoying the live jazz band.

Fireworks is a restaurant that strives to be accessible for all, a family focused environment that can be adjusted to suit every need. They have a large range of Vegan and Gluten Free desserts and ice creams. The restaurant is composed of different sections, appealing to the masses. The private areas and purposefully designed booths ensure that Fireworks is the ideal place to host business meetings.

However, their specialty is Carte blanc party. An exclusive bespoke event tailored to suit your every need. Despite the restaurant having only just introduced itself to the public, its already receiving event bookings!

The launch party was a great success with over 200 guests, the busiest launch party the area has ever seen. Fireworks is ready for our official opening day on Monday 13th February 2017.


Head of Marketing: Harriet Acton

Mobile: 07701 003285


Facebook: @fireworksdesserts

Instagram: @fireworksdesserts

Twitter: @fireworksdsrt

Gold Rush- deluxe triple toffee sundae, with salted caramel chocolate cake, toffee popcorn, pretzel pieces, salted caramel ice cream, and 24 carat gold leaf.

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The World's First Restaurant Dedicated To Explosive Desserts