The Travel Franchise sees two Money Back Challenge Winners in one week!

The Travel Franchise is currently leading the way in the travel industry as one of the most successful franchise businesses in the UK. One thing that makes them stand out from the crowd is their unique Money Back Challenge incentive, which this month has seen two winners in the space of a week.

This means that two franchisees will be repaid their franchise fee in full, on top of their own earnings to date. The Travel Franchise has sold over 600 franchises since it was founded, and with its rapid growth they are seeing more and more people hitting their targets and winning the Money Back Challenge within the first year of purchasing their franchise.

Often those who would like to start their own business never go through with it due to a fear of lack of experience. However, at The Travel Franchise, everyone is said to have the potential to win the Money Back Challenge, regardless of experience.

"We want to give even more franchisee's their money back as it means they are doing incredibly well", says Paul Harrison, Franchise Director of The Travel Franchise. "We want to create successful entrepreneurs who stay with our business for a long time and we work together to create a great future".

Franchise businesses currently bring in around £15 billion to the economy, with over 900 franchise brands in the UK alone. These aren’t all retail chains or restaurants, either. The travel industry is a lucrative one, and franchising is a great way to get into this industry without the larger risks of starting your own business. In fact, franchising is said to almost double a business’ chance of survival, as it provides you with a strong brand name and gives you that initial push you need to make your business as success.

One of the main benefits of buying a franchise is having the support and expertise of the franchisor, and this is something The Travel Franchise offer in abundance. There are three franchise packages on offer; Pro, Elite and Supreme, all of which include a place on the Millionaire’s Retreat training week which takes place in a secret overseas location.

The ongoing training and support provided by The Travel Franchise allows those who have never worked in the travel industry before to make a confident career change. That’s not to say it’s all plain sailing though. It is an investment, and it takes hard work and dedication in the first year, especially, to really see the results.

When considering buying a franchise, it’s not always about choosing a product you know inside out. At The Travel Franchise, a passion for travel is all that’s needed; everything else can be taught, and that’s what’s really important when choosing a franchise. Lorraine admitted she didn’t want to sell a product because that meant she’d have to buy stock, so selling travel seemed like the perfect solution to that.

Both the most recent Money Back Challenge winners at The Travel Franchise, Sarah Watts and Lorraine Robinson, had never worked in travel before, and when asked why they chose to buy a franchise, both expressed their initial lack of confidence in going it alone. But they both took advantage of the support and guidance The Travel Franchise has to offer, attending many training events and listening to their expert advice.

In doing so, they were able to hit record sales figures and win back their franchise fee in FULL within 10-12 months, something that is extremely rare for any other franchise businesses. The Travel Franchise is rapidly growing their number of franchisees, and are expecting to take on another 400 by 2020, with many more Money Back Challenge winners amongst them.

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The Travel Franchise sees two Money Back Challenge Winners in one week!