The Time Key Money Box Launches on Kickstarter

WORCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND, NOVEMBER 9, 2016 - The team at The Time Key is thrilled to announce that their innovative savings tool is now live on Kickstarter.

The Time Key Money Box was created after one of the founders grew weary of saving money inside a piggy bank and shattering it when he was ready to withdraw the funds. He decided that there had to be a better way to save money. After researching the internet, however, he found that there wasn’t a consumer based cost-friendly savings box with a timer. Soon thereafter, The Time Key was developed.

The Time Key Money Box features an elegant, sleek design and an innovative time-delay mechanism. “It will not give up if you do,” said The Time Key team.

Users simply choose the number of days they’d like the Money Box to remain locked. By choosing a timeframe between one and 365 days, users can ensure that they reach or even exceed their savings goals. When the date has been set, The Time Key Money Box locks and goes to sleep until the desired number of days has passed. Users can easily check to see how many days they have left by pressing a control button, which wakes the Money Box up.

When the countdown has reached zero, the Money Box sends a notification to the user via a companion app. Then, the box can be unlocked to access the savings inside.

“The only thing left to do is fill it, but unfortunately, we can’t help with that one - that’s up to you,” said The Time Key team.

The Time Key Money Box can hold more than 500 £1 coins, offering an effective way to save for various goals. The box can even be used as an aid for teaching children about the importance of saving.

According to The Time Key team, they did a copious amount of research about the psychology of saving. Through their research, they found that willpower is required to meet savings goals, and placing cash or change inside The Time Key Money Box decreases the urge to spend extra money since the savings can’t be immediately accessed.

The Time Key Money Box is powered by two AA batteries which power the unit for at least one year; calculations have shown that a user can wake The Time Key approximately 9,000 times.

The companion app gives users a simple way to set The Time Key’s timeframe for remaining locked, and users can even set the date of an event their saving for to see a live countdown. The app also shows users how much money they’ve saved within The Time Key. Each time a user adds money to their Money Box, they can add the amount in the app to keep a running total of funds saved. The app also offers push notifications to remind users to add money to their Money Box.

A recently published video offers a visual presentation of how The Time Key works.

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign will give the public an opportunity to order early, support the company, and receive exclusive perks. The campaign went live on November 1, 2016. The campaign can see found here.

About The Time Key

The Time Key is an innovative savings tool that offers a reliable, effective alternative to traditional piggy banks. Users drop set the money box’s timer and aren’t able to access their change until their chosen number of days has passed.

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