The Plastic Paradigm, a New Thought Provoking Thriller About Greed and the Darker Side of Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Paradigm, a New Thought Provoking Thriller About Greed and the Darker Side of Plastic Pollution

This masterfully crafted crime action thriller takes on issues of manipulation and corruption at the highest levels. It’s a story that embroils readers in a gripping saga of betrayal, greed and divided loyalties while providing a deeper understanding of the plastic pollution issue.

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Exmouth, Devon, UK – May 2018

Quote: “This is great; I’m there, I’m in the story.” Emma S.

Devon based, visually impaired Author, Paul Stretton-Stephens launches his first title, The Plastic Paradigm, in The Jack Jago Thriller Series where Paul himself a veteran, writes about a Jack Jago an ex-Royal Marine and an ex-Royal Military Policeman.

The story centres on the popular current environmental topic of plastic pollution with which Paul has interest due to his passion for the seas and oceans.

Here’s the blurb and cover:

The Plastic Paradigm – If Plastic Waste is the “New Narcotic”, then Jack Jago is the antidote.

After a top government research scientist and his assistant go missing, Jack Jago goes undercover, posing as a lone fisherman, where he’s at home on the water and busy gathering samples and intelligence.

One evening a ship in port weighs its anchor, revealing the body of a young seaman. His killers had tied him to a link in the anchor chain, and now they’re after his contacts, but why?

Although Jago is happy to work alone his life moves up a gear, to the level where he is most comfortable – one teeming with action and danger, where he has to outsmart and defeat his criminal adversaries.

The question is: Can Jago prevent further loss of life while bringing the upswell of corruption, death, and plastic pollution to an end?

As this absorbing story unfolds, readers are engaged in a world of intrigue, murder, corruption, scandal and action, one that seriously questions the morality of the greedy. As the pages turn, the reader is transported into this compelling world until the very end. To quote Emma, an advanced reader:

“This is great; I’m there, I’m in the story.”

This novella is the first in series and is to be released on 11th May 2018 online at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and in selected online bookshops.

Media Resource Sheet - About Paul Stretton-Stephens

Paul Stretton-Stephens was born in Robin Hood country, Nottingham, UK, He has served in the Royal Marines, Royal Military Police, and the UK Home Office. He has worked as an International Security Consultant, and as a teacher, Paul has also taught Physical Education, and Business Management and before writing full time he held the post of Head Teacher in a secondary school.

Paul has written a two-part YA thriller Enemies Rising and published a family story, Ghost School.

He is currently writing the Jack Jago Thriller Series.

Ex-special forces, ex-military police Jack Jago is a man of justice. He may work for the government but for Jago being a deniable private entity has the benefit of not having to adhere to any rules, in fact, his 'No Rules' engagement allows him to go where others dare not. Rest assured that where the stakes are at their highest, Jack Jago is the man called upon to provide a rapid solution.

Paul has travelled extensively and has lived abroad for some years. He is happily married and now lives in Devon where he adores living by the sea. He doesn’t let his visual impairment stifle his activities and is presently learning to play the guitar. So, wish him luck with that!

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