The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How To Successfully Lead And Implement Change In Your Organisation

Chidi grew up in poverty as a child in Nigeria. He routinely fetched water barefoot from the local village river and carried it home on his head. Today, Chidi Ameke is a UK based advertising, marketing and digital professional with over twenty years' experience. He is the Head of Delivery, Europe for The Marketing Store, a global customer engagement agency and the design team behind McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Whilst working for Sir Elton John, he produced the acclaimed documentary titled: Elton in Four Decades. He has successfully led project and programme teams and worked as an advisory consultant for Dell EMC. Chidi is now a self-published author launching his first book.

According to Chidi Ameke, established organisations need to learn how to effectively manage change to avoid the 70% change failure rate, and to survive the present age of digital 'disruption'. Chidi believes that many of the challenges faced today by most organisations can be overcome through effectively engaging with stakeholders who ultimately will determine, through their active support, or active resistance, whether the organisation succeeds or fails. The book is filled with essential tips and strategies on how to navigate, lead, and implement change within organisations. It is the perfect resource for those who are leading business and organisational change, who seek to successfully accomplish their organisation's strategic ambitions. Chidi has led organisational change management, deploying the techniques described in the book.

The book is divided into three parts. Chidi begins part one by establishing why change is a business imperative. Part two introduces Chidi's change management process. The model goes into great detail about how to understand the impacted stakeholders. Chidi introduces organisational personas and explores their profile to help the reader think about change management in a way that focuses on understanding different people's motivations, how that impacts the change initiative and how to work with it in order to achieve the desired outcome. Part three focuses extensively on communication strategy for the different impacted stakeholder groups. Using Chidi Ameke's change management process, organisations can start implementing positive change TODAY! The book (published in May 2019. RRP £14.99 paperback, RRP £9.99 ebook) is available to purchase on Amazon. Follow this link

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The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How To Successfully Lead And Implement Change In Your Organisation